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Irish boat drops out of flotilla, cites sabotage

The fact that a Swedish and now an Irish ship due to sail for Gaza have been sabotaged only indicates how seriously Israel views the peace flotilla

Family Living "Off the Grid" Face Prison

Family Living “Off the Grid” Face Prison

Although the couple turned a derelict plot into a productive smallholding the local council threatened them with eviction. The reason, we suspect, is that someone felt that those working toward self-sufficieny needed to be made an example of

The U.S.: Where Europe comes to slum

Marking another stage in its rapid decline from preeminent world power to the looming prospect of becoming a cheap labour sweatshop

Iran Unveils New Long Range Radar System

Iran Unveils New Long Range Radar System

Iran has unveiled a new radar system with an operational range of over one thousand kilometres

Beck to address Knesset committee

Glenn Beck will attend a July 11 meeting of the Knesset before addressing a rally in Jerusalem

Iran shows downed US drones to Russia

Russian technicians have visited Iran to inspect U.S. manufactured downed over the Persian Gulf

Iran secretly tested ‘nuclear-capable missiles’

British Foreign Secretary William Hague claimed Wednesday that Iran has been secretly test launching missiles capable of carrying a nuclear payload

Senior Tory Dies in Suspicious Circumstances

Senior Tory Dies in Suspicious Circumstances

Was he too outspoken with his talk of British politicians being “voracious”, “grasping” and “always seen to be on the take”?

Iran’s war games go underground

Robert Fisk on Iran’s latest display of military prowess

Taliban attack kills at least 10 civilians in Kabul

Despite U.S. claims to have stalled Taliban advances, insurgents launch night assault on one of the capitol’s most high profile targets

Wilders acquitted of hate speech in Holland and Zionists are worried

Dutch politician Geert Wilders is a Zionist agent. However, his acquittal last week for inciting hatred for Muslims could prove problematic for his handlers. Michael Hoffman explains

US ‘could withdraw funding from UN if Palestine state is recognised’

More evidence that the Zionist lobby largely dictates U.S. foreign policy

Cancer Surges In Body Scanner Operators; TSA Launches Cover-Up

Cancer Surges In Body Scanner Operators; TSA Launches Cover-Up

FOIA documents reveal how “large number of workers have been falling victim to cancer, strokes and heart disease”

Greek protests turn violent as EU warns of default

Rioters take to the streets in protest against the imposition of austerity measures recommended by the IMF and EU

An Iranian Shahab missile is launched from an underground silo.

All US, Israeli Bases Within Iran’s Missile Range

Iran will not make longer range missiles as Israel is already within reach, says an Islamic Revolution Guards Commander

What the Fukushima is going on in Omaha?

What the Fukushima is going on in Omaha?

The government is telling us not to panic. All is under control. Does that sound familiar? Just as in Japan it seems we are not being told the whole story

Genetic Modification Gone Wild

10 signs that our world may be destined to resemble a really bad science fiction movie

Iran Unveils Underground Missile Silos

Iran Unveils Underground Missile Silos

A spokesman said that Iran had been using missile silos for 15 years and that the latest generation were controlled from control centres far from the launch pads. Includes video

Iran plans to send monkey into space

In the latest advance in a missile and space program that has alarmed Israel and the U.S., Iran announced Monday that it intends sending a live monkey into space next month

Who Does The Law Serve?

The left asserts that all rich white people in prison are guilty, and the only reason they are in prison is that they are so obviously guilty. The same mentality now dominates discussions of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case, writes Paul Craig Roberts