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Syria Intervention Inevitable – And The Greater World War

From Desert Storm to the Eastern European color revolutions, to the “War on Terror” to the current “Arab Spring,” we are witnessing the creation of what George Bush Sr. called the New World Order

Terrifying scientific discovery: Strange emissions by sun are suddenly mutating matter

Once again, the titanic forces of nature rear up to overwhelm our technology—and we find ourselves utterly helpless

Convicted RFK assassin says girl manipulated him

Recent interviews by a Harvard professor and expert in trauma memory, some under hypnosis, indicate that Sirhan Sirhan was a mind-controlled patsy used to take the blame for Kennedy’s assassination

Anonymous to target Iran with DoS attack

Could the hacker group targeting Iranian websites with denial-of-service (DoS) attacks actually be working for Western Intelligence? We ask because this website was at one time plagued by DoS attacks

The Federal Government Sold AK-47s To Mexican Gang

The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) found to have sold AK47’s to Mexican drug cartels after a BATF officer is killed by one of the very assault rifles sold

Out of Syria’s darkness come tales of terror

Witnesses who fled across the Lebanon border tell Robert Fisk what they saw

Analysis: Syria neighbors fear future without Assad family

From Israel to Iran, Syria’s neighbors are starting to contemplate the possibility of a future without the Assad family as Lords of Damascus, and, whether friends or foes, some don’t like what they see

India Shortlists Eurofighter, Dassault For $10-Billion Warplane Deal

In what promises to be the most lucrative weapons deal in years India has short listed two European fighters, eliminating bids from the U.S, Russia and Sweden

Royal wedding: three arrested for ‘mock execution’ plan

Britons peacefully protesting against the monarchy have been arrested and jailed

Bahrain ‘torture service’ official to attend royal wedding

While the royal wedding invitation for Syria’s ambassador has been withdrawn, ostensibly for his country’s “human right abuses”, the former head of Bahrain’s NSA, which has been accused of torture, remains a guest of honour

Honeybees ‘entomb’ hives to protect against pesticides, say scientists

By sealing up cells full of pollen containing dramatically higher levels of pesticide, bees appear to be attempting to protect the rest of the hive

Ventura talks 9/11, makes Fox idiot leave stage

Calmly and logically Jesse Ventura explains his doubts about 9/11: prompting the Fox News host to storm off set. Full marks to the Truth movement. Zero for the corporate news

Drama in London

An upcoming panel discussion on Zionism in the wake of Goldstone’s retraction promises to be a turning point, as supposed “anti-Zionist” Jews desperately try to isolate Gilad Atzmon. Includes dates, times and venue

What Is Outsourcing?

U.S. workers have now been merged into a global labor pool. Americans must now directly compete for jobs with hundreds of millions of desperate people willing to work for slave labor wages on the other side of the globe

Iran’s president and supreme leader in rift over minister’s reinstatement

MP’s call for impeachment after supreme leader reinstates minister Ahmadinejad had “asked to resign

How the ‘Humanitarian’ Intervention in Libya Made Our World Infinitely More Dangerous

There is no question that some supported the intervention for genuinely humanitarian reasons. A brutal thug like Gaddafi is certainly capable of killing a lot of people. But there were lots of irons in this fire

If the rumours and conspiracies are true, then President Assad’s regime is on the road to civil war

If the dead soldiers are victims of revenge killings by outraged families who have lost their loved it means that the opposition is prepared to use force

Time is Ripe For a Paradigm Shift

In the contemporary Jewish world we are dealing with a elastic metamorphic identity that shapes itself to fit every possible circumstance. This may explain how the Jewish state can operate as both oppressor and a victim. Gilad Atzmon explains

Afghan military pilot kills 8 NATO troops at airport

Veteran Afghan pilot opens fire on NATO troops, killing 8 plus one security contractor

Syria: Iran’s Soft Flanking Underbelly?

The “Arab Spring” continues as questions grow over whether coverage of events in Syria is being manipulated