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Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy

In less than two weeks billionaire George Soros will convene a conference that aims to repeat the Bretton Woods agreement and reorganise the world’s “financial order”

Radiation rising beyond exclusion zone

Emissions continue to climb climb with the International Atomic Energy Agency saying radiation had reached evacuation levels in one village 40 km from Fukushima

Labour MP forced to apologise over ‘Jews again’ remark during Israeli arrest warrant debate

Ministers accused of acting at the behest of the Israeli government after its former foreign minister Tzipi Livni was arrested during a visit to the UK in December 2009

Assad: The Arab Spring stops here

The number of those killed in recent protests may be much higher than the 60 estimated by Human Rights Watch. Tomorrow, President Assad will supposedly tell us his future for Syria. It had better be good

New York Times Admits Censoring Information about Black Crime

It’s becoming apparent that our so-called “free-press” is anything but. So much so that the New York Times was forced to issue a public apology recently in response to its coverage of a rape case

Iran jails nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri

An Iranian nuclear scientist who allegedly defected to the West and then returned to Iran claiming he had been kidnapped is now being held in Tehran on suspicion of spying

Hey Mom, is that Me in The Petri Dish?

I’ve played at being a human chemistry set and I did that because the materialism of the day is so pervasive that I needed a rocket to get into the atmosphere

Taking Apart Deborah Lipstadt

In psychological terminology Lipstadt projects her own symptoms on historical revisionists. It is clear that Lipstadt’s ‘holocaust evangelism’ is there to serve her own Zio-centric political agenda

Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World – Charlotte Iserbyt

A former senior policy advisor in the U.S. Department of Education under the Reagan administration spills the beans on plans to restructure global education and identify “resisters” to the New World Order. Essential viewing

Palestinians understand Gaddafi better than we do

Robert Fisk on an increasingly dangerous narrative in which charity is turned into evil

Confidence Slips Away as Japan Battles Nuclear Peril

In an admission of how long the cooling process may take, Hidehiko Nishiyama, deputy director general of Japan’s nuclear regulator, said late Tuesday: “We will have to continue cooling for quite a long period. We should be thinking years”

‘Worse Than Chernobyl’: When the Fukushima Meltdown Hits Groundwater

Fukushima was a disaster waiting to happen, writes Dr Tom Burnett and now that it is it’s likely to dwarf Chernobyl

Libya’s Blood For Oil: The Vampire War

Former U.S. Intelligence asset, Susan Lindauer covered Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria/Hezbollah from 1993 to 2003. Here she tells the real story behind Western intervention in Libya

Wow That Was Fast! Libyan Rebels Have Already Established A New Central Bank Of Libya

Who knew that the rag tag group of rebels were also masters of banking and international trade? They have already signed and oil deal with Qatar!!!

The Euro-US War on Libya: Official Lies and Misconceptions of Critics

If not to prevent genocide, grab the oil or promote democracy (via Patriot missiles), what then is the driving force behind the Euro-US intervention in Libya?

Iran is top of the world in science growth

Some aren’t going to like this but according to the UK’s prestigous Royal Society in a report published this week, Iran has shown the fastest growth in scientific research globally in the past decade

A Day in the Life: A non-Muslim white girl relates how she’s treated after donning a Hijab

A young white woman experiences the rise of Islamophobia in the ‘Land of the Free’

Japan finds plutonium in soil at stricken nuclear plant

Bad news piles up as pressure builds on the Japanese government to widen evacuation zone around Fukushima

Radiation detected in Massachusetts rainwater as Fukushima crisis worsens

As the disaster around Fukushima unfolds many nations are now rethinking their plans for nuclear power

Hidden Message for Politicians in Harrier Fly-Past

Hidden Message for Politicians in Harrier Fly-Past

The decision to scrap the carrier born jet before two new carriers enter service has caused some resentment. Take a careful look at the photo included in this article to see it spelled out, literally