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‘Gaddafi’s son joins Libyan protesters’

Gaddafi’s youngest son has reportedly joined with pro-democracy protesters after being sent to Benghazi to help in a crackdown

Outside the rebels were jubilant. Inside the court I came face to face with Gaddafi’s savage mercenaries

Richard Pendlebury in Benghazi confirms earlier reports that Gaddafi is employing mercenaires against his own people

Did Jews Kill General Patton?

Did Jews Kill General Patton?

Did the Zionists deliberately stage General George Patton’s car crash on 21 December 1945?

Iran warships dock in Syria, Israeli fears dismissed

Israel’s Maariv newspaper cites unsourced ‘assessments’ that the ships were delivering advanced weaponry to the Lebanese guerrilla group Hezbollah

Revolution not in the cards in Iran

Despite what the corporate western media may say, Iran is far from being another Egypt or Libya

Gaddafi Blames Uprising on Osama bin Laden and al-Qa’ida

Just as George W. Bush and his cronies once blamed them for 9/11

Patraeus and Lieberman sing the Arias of Hell

The fact that men like Lieberman and the rest of the Zio-Ogres can prosper at the highest places in government is testimony to why America’s revolution will not be peaceful

Gaddafi forces hit back at revolt

Army units and mlitia loyal to Libyan leader Gadhafi struck back against protesters who have risen up in cities close to the capital Thursday, attacking a mosque where many had taken refuge and opening fire on others protecting a local airport

Man shot dead for eating popcorn too loudly during Black Swan

Be sure to read Vigilant Citizen’s linked analysis of the movie, which may throw further light on the shooting

Something fishy about this bondholder debt…

Indeed. How bondholder debt is used to secure as yet unexploited oil reserves … in this case off the coast of Ireland…

Tripoli: a city in the shadow of death

Gunfire in the suburbs – and fear, hunger and rumour in the capital. Robert Fisk reports first hand from Tripoli

130 Libyan soldiers executed for mutiny

Scores of Libyan soldiers reportedly executed for refusing to open fire on protestors. Includes video link

Helen Thomas Delegitimizes Israel Again

“We have organized lobbyists in favor of Israel…. You can’t open your mouth. I can call the president of the United States anything in the book, but if you say one thing about Israel…you’re off limits…. “

7/7: What Went Bang?

Nick Kollerstrom explains why the explosives that wreaked carnage on July 7th couldn’t have been made of peroxide and black pepper, as the government claims

Jews See Other Minorities as Main Competition

Jewish analyst foresees Asian, Latino power grab, decline of “anti-Semitism”

Crews of 2 Libyan warships mutiny

After being ordered to fire on the eastern port city of Benghazi

The Empire Loses a Publicist: The Epitaph of an Ideologue

Never has a social scientist so decisively misread the historical times, made such myopic predictions and been refuted in such a brief time frame. Yet an obituary in the Financial Times was effusive in its praise of him. James Petras explains

Iran hails warships’ mission in Mediterranean

While Israeli officials called it a worrisome “provocation”

Gaddafi raved and cursed, but he faces forces he cannot control

There were times during his speech when Gaddafi – in his vengefulness, his contempt for Arabs, for his own people – began to sound very like the speeches of Benjamin Netanyahu

Has Gaddafi unleashed a mercenary force on Libya?

A growing number of reports describe black, French-speaking troops whose brutality has prompted regular Libyan soldiers to side with the protestors