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Egypt set for mass protest as army rules out force

Egypt’s army gave a powerful boost to the country’s opposition Monday night by announcing it would not use force to silence “legitimate” protests

Talking New World, New Age System Blues.

TPTB are working behind the scenes to instigate what is inevitable because of their general policies of governing. It’s coming anyway, so they’re trying to control the direction of the flow. Some numbers of their fellows are already earmarked for sacrifice

‘Israel’ ready to accept Mubarak. His two sons are already in London

More of Hosni Mubarak’s sons have fled Egypt with their families, reportedly taking with them gold and foreign currency

Israel Urges World To Curb Criticism of Mubarak

Because it’s not in Israel’s interests to see Mubarak replaced, particularly with a hard-line Islamic regime that could ally itself with Iran

Exposed: Obama’s Duplicity in Egypt

Exposed: Obama’s Duplicity in Egypt

While Obama publicly supported the pro-democracy protestors … his envoy was supporting the dictatorship and the use of violence against protesters. Christopher Bollyn expands on recent events in Egypt. Includes video

The tyrant must go, but beware what comes next

Eighteen months ago, I predicted there would soon be an uprising in Egypt. But there is a now real risk that Egypt could well find itself ruled by a harsh, Iranian-style Islamic theocracy. Indeed, it may be too late to stop it

US Ambassador’s Bid to Get Falk Sacked

Because he questioned the official version of events on 9/11

19 Private Jets Carrying Wealthy Egyptians Leave Cairo Airport

The jets were reported to be carrying wealthy Egyptian businessmen and their famillies

‘One third of US military women raped’

A 2003 survey among U.S. female veterans found 30 per cent had been raped while serving in the military

College fires professor; views on Israel blamed

Ensuring Zionist control, not only of the media but of the educational system too

Great, Fun Word Plays!

A light-hearted diversion from grim reality

The Mighty Oak Of The Coming English Revolution

Mike James explains how recent events in Cairo could still play out in central London

Liberating the American People

I am convinced that more and more Americans are beginning to identify the root cause at the bottom of their flawed foreign policy. By the time this happens, America may well be liberated

You Can’t be There if You’re not Here.

It’s no surprise that they called the enterprise Fox News. It’s all Animal Farm, anthropomorphically speaking

Egyptian Internet Clampdown and its Implications

Proving just how important the Internet has become and how, in the event of conflict, it could just as easily become the front line

A Walled Wide Web for Nervous Autocrats

Iran, Russia & China see reliance on US hardware, software and IT services as a security risk

Jordanian protesters demand political reforms

At grass roots political unrest sweeps the Arab world

Without Internet, Egyptians find new ways to get online

People around the world are offering dial-up modem numbers and what Computer World describes as “other primitive tools” for people in Egypt

“We’ve Made our Bed and we’re Sleeping in it.”

The force of collective belief in certain things is so great that the hallucinations stand in front of you looking as real as anything can, while having no basis in reality at all

Police Battle Protesters Across Egypt

Arab leaders nervously eye events in Egypt as protests escalate across the country