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Roger Waters and the Bombs of David

The Anti Defamation League (ADL) has criticised rock icon Roger Waters for “crossing a line into antisemitism” after it emerged that he will use a planned concert to juxtapose a Jewish symbol with the dollar sign. Includes video link

Banned Iran missile sale costs Russia $1 billion

Russia’s refusal to complete the sale of the S-300 missile system could cost even more if Iran successfully sues

Liberals Carry Luciferian Banner

“The shows I worked on: Mary Tyler Moore Show, That Girl, & Love American Style, among others, were nothing more than Jewish tools (for the most part) to undermine the innocence of American WASP culture.” – E. Baumgartner, Jewish Scriptwriter

Obama’s Inner Eisenhower

In 1948, the Joint Chiefs cautioned Harry Truman about the “fanatical concepts” of a Jewish-Zionist elite that sought recognition as a legitimate state. Is Barack Obama now waking up to real the agenda of those who engineered his ascent to power?

Royal Aide Applied for Heating Grant for Royal Household

The Queen of England receives over £38 million a year from taxpayers. Yet that didn’t stop one of her aides from requesting grants for the replacement of four units to heat her palaces from a fund set up to help the poor during winter

The Queen and Sexy Sady need some Heat

The day has arrived and all the bad things that can happen to all of the bad people are about to happen. You’re going to see your share of Marie Antoinette types and other surfacing scoundrels, as this chapter, this age, is brought to its summation

Israeli forces take over Gaza-bound aid ship

The “most moral” defence force in the world tackles another ship carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, this one crewed by Jewish activists

MD$ on the Take: My Career-Ending Expose

Whistles blowers aren’t always celebrated. Sometimes they’re crushed

Israel school rapped over ‘Palestinian’ textbook: report

The education ministry has summoned the principal of an Israeli school to Jerusalem after they presented students with both Israeli and Palestinian versions of the conflict

UN Fact-Finding Mission Says Israelis “Executed” US Citizen Furkan Dogan

Israeli commandoes execute an unarmed U.S. civilian in international waters, whilst he is attempting to deliver humanitarian aid and Obama breathes not a word of protest. Truly the man in the Oval Office is a servant of Israel not America

Out of mind, out of sight: The blind man who can ‘see’ obstacles

Scientists baffled by the phenomenon known as blindsight, the ability of the blind to silently perceive what is before them – without touching

Iranian Defense Ministry to Equip IRGC with Flying Boats This Week

Another indication that Iran is not only becoming more self sufficient in its defence needs but is also effectively preparing for war

Ahmadinejad – Guts to Tell the Truth

The fact that Ahmadinejad is one of the few leaders who is prepared to tell the truth about 9/11 should tell us something. All the more so as he is constantly being portrayed in the corporate media as an ogre

Iran crosses into Iraq to hit bombing suspects

Iran launched a cross border raid into Iraq on Saturday, killing 30 members of a terror group that it alleges was behind the bombing of a military parade in northwestern Iran

An Imaginary Reach Around in the mouthpiece of the Beast

You may not have heard but the Nazi’s actually won World War 2, just like the British actually won the American Revolution

Alternative Media and Ahamadinejad’s Speech

While there has been a strong reaction in the mainstream media to Ahmadinejad’s speech at the United Nations last Thursday, the ‘alternative media’ has been strangely quiet

Israeli Peace agreement will mean big war – Israel Shamir

Israel Shamir on why a ‘peace agreement’ between Abbas and Israel could lead to a much bigger conflict

Marilyn Monroe’s Conversion to Judaism

Marilyn Monroe’s Conversion to Judaism

Marilyn Monroe was prepared to do anything for success. If that meant sleeping with half of Hollywood she was ready to do it. But she was prepared to go even further

State-backed cyber attack targets Iran

There has been speculation that a virus that targets industrial and factory systems originated in Israel and that its target was Iran’s controversial Bushehr nuclear power plant

‘US, Mossad played roles in 9/11 event’

Following Ahmadinejad’s speech at the United Nations, a top Iranian military advisor says that the CIA and Mossad were involved in the 9/11 attacks