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Iranian president warns Europe not to join U.S. against Iran

The West is heading inexorably to some sort of clash with Iran and despite Ahmadinejad’s warning, we anticipate European involvement in the fray

MI5 agent told me that David Kelly had been ‘exterminated’

An intelligence insider has sent a dossier to Attorney General Dominic Grieve in which he claims to relay information from an ‘MI5 agent’ that Dr Kelly had been ‘exterminated’

House OK’s possible Israeli raid on Iran

Preparing the way for what could ultimately turn into World War III

Is the Obama-Hitler Billboard Correct?

A billboard comparing the “change” promised by Obama with similar promises made by Hitler and Lenin raised a few eyebrows before it was quickly papered over. However, a look at history reveals a common thread between all three. Christopher Bollyn explains

Massive leak of secret files exposes truth of occupation

From unreported civilian casualties caused by Nato to the huge upsurge in Taliban attacks, previously unreleased intelligence reports chronicle a failing war in Afghanistan

U.S. withdraws ‘pain ray’ from Afghan war zone

A weapon that denies whole areas to the enemy by causing excruciating pain to any in the vicinity has been withdrawn on the eve of its deployment in Afghanistan. Possibly, we suspect, in anticipation of the need to field it closer to home

“Satanist Insider” Told to Sign Off

This final public statement, from a high-level Satanist: who has been advised to desist from making any more for now. Partly, we suspect, because a combination of pride and over confidence was causing him to inadvertently reveal too much

Racial Hatred in the UK

Someone is marketing products that promote an anti-Islamic message. Indeed, if these products touted a similar line on Judaism the promoters would probably face prosecution for endorsing “anti-Semitism”

Iran officials: U.S., Israel wouldn’t dare attempt a military strike

We are not so sure

Iran says it has 100 vessels for each US warship

Meaning that should conflict erupt with Iran, western navies are likely be confronted by numerous smaller Iranian vessels – crewed by suicide bombers

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Chapter 20

There’s no doubt about it, writes Kevin Boyle, although a taboo this notorious “anti-Semitic” forgery was written by an evil genius. How else could it forecast the use of a ‘mass media’ to control popular opinion long before such media even existed?

South America Cold Wave Brings Rare Snow, Freezing Deaths

A cold snap in South America has brough record lows and left 175 dead

Oil Spill: BP’s Tony Hayward will ‘quit in days’

Chief executive Tony Hayward expected to announce his exit on Tuesday, ahead of BP’s half-year results. According to consensus estimates, those results are expected to show profits of nearly $10bn so far this year, despite Deepwater Horizon


Real manliness consists in the ability to say: “I am not going to do that.” Whether the refusal is to step over the line at the draft center, volunteer for the naked body scanner, to shoot an innocent victim, or salute a value one despises

Israel Braces Itself for U.N. Fact Finding Mission

Following on the heels of the Goldstone report

Lockerbie: Megrahi Was Framed

From Gordon Brown’s “repulsion” to Barack Obama’s “outrage”, the theatre of lies and hypocrisy over Megrahi’s release is dutifully attended by those who call themselves journalists

The Impending Dimensional Shift

Les Visible on what may be in store for all of us in the weeks and months ahead

‘Israel needs war to exist’

“Only constant confrontations and standoffs” keep Israeli society from falling apart, says a senior lecturer from the University of Haifa in Israel; which may also explain why Zionists use the spectre of ‘anti-Semitism’ to keep ordinary Jews in line

Masonic Jews Backed Both Sides in Chinese Civil War

A well-worn Illuminati ploy: back both sides in a fight and whoever prevails the Illuminati end up the ultimate winners

China, Iran in Talks to Use Yuan for Oil Contract Settlement

In response to the threat of more sanctions