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Iran deploys homemade radar in PG

Iran has replaced aging western built radar systems with a domestically built system to monitor air and sea traffic in the Persian Gulf

A Letter From a Recovering Jew

Another dissident Jew speaks out

Reports: IAF Landed at Saudi Base, US Troops near Iran Border

If true these reports indicate that preparations for a U.S./Israeli strike on Iran are very much on track

Titanic & Hindenburg: Two Psy-Ops, One Agenda?

Was the dramatic and highly publicised loss of both vessels part of a ploy to steer the public away from relatively safe ocean liners to noisy and cramped aviation aircraft that used huge amounts of petroleum fuel?

Jon Voight Takes Job as Head of ADL

Even if he is not literally going to succeed Abe Foxman, Jon Voight certainly sounds like it in this letter to the Washington Times

The Real, Encased in Light, Encased in Light

The whole purpose of life and all of its vicissitudes and sufferings are based upon leading you into the light after being lost in the shadow to the point where the attraction for the light is more compelling than anything else

Court Unmasks Secularism as State “Religion”

Last week a Superior Court judge ruled that the Quebec government had shown “Inquisition like intolerance” over religious teaching in a private Roman Catholic school in Montreal

Israel’s Planned Attack on Iran from Caucasus Base

The breakdown in relations with Turkey may have temporarily put a hold on Israeli plans, for now

Israeli professor says “We could destroy all European capitals”

One of the first articles featured on this website over seven years ago and still pertinent

Obama fires McChrystal, picks Petraeus to head Afghan war

Includes link to the magazine profile that ignited the president’s ire

Four men accused in Bronx synagogue bomb plot too dopey to turn on explosive device

Defense lawyers argued that a government informant set them up with cash, instructions and – unbeknown to them – fake bombs

Al Qaida warns of new attacks deadlier than before

Al Qaida warns of new attacks deadlier than before

We illustrate how far from illuminating the truth, the mainstream media now only serves to conceal it behind a deceptive veneer of “balanced coverage”

A Flash of Lightening

The Holocaust is losing its power to persuade, writes Uri Avnery. As its influence wanes the pioneering image of an Israeli David is being replaced by that of a brutal Israeli Goliath

Fighting talk: The new propaganda

In the Western context, power and the media is about words – and the use of words. It is about semantics. It is about the employment of phrases and their origins. And it is about the misuse of history, and about our ignorance of history

BP Playing Down Oil Spill Damage

Dr.Riki Ott alleges that BP is engaged in a massive cover-up to hide the extent of environmental damage in the Gulf

Ten Ways Zionists Would Spin BP Disaster

Or what B.P. actually stands for

The real reason the oil still flows into the Gulf of Mexico

The oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico is a dirty business. In more ways than one

When Insiders Expose the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry

Some of today’s biggest stars have spoken about the darker side of the entertainment industry. The likes of Michael Jackson and Bob Dylan have hinted that behind the scenes things are not all sweetness and light. Vigilant Citizen explains

Easing of Israel’s Siege May Have Negligible Effect on Gaza

“Ketchup, snacks and mayonnaise … which are now permitted, are not essential items that will genuinely change the situation”

Day By-Day We Are Getting Better At It

Link to brief but telling video on settlements in the Occupied territories