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Dangerous Afghan highway threatens NATO supply flow

Under relentless siege by Taliban insurgents, the crucial road that links the country’s most important cities, Kabul and Kandahar, has become one of the most dangerous highways in Afghanistan — if not on the planet — over the past year. Insurgents have blown up a dozen bridges, six causeways and 85 culverts, according to U.S. […]

Has the Ark of the Covenant Been Found?

Henry Makow writes: I don’t have a clue about this question. But my friend, “Idiot Savant” is passionate about it. So I offer him my soap box, and await my readers’ verdicts…

Chain the Exit Doors, the Party is about to Begin

As the stars so vividly portray, this is a time of rash and ill-considered actions with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, the powerful and ruthless regent of the period

Government Insiders: Get Ready for the Gulf “Dead Zone”

Emergency planners are dealing with the prospect of a potential “dead zone” within a 200-mile radius of the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf

Touching Left, Islam, Israeli Lobby, Chomsky and many other Hot Topics

Miriam Cotton talks to Gilad Atzmon about the Zionist lobby, ancient Jewish blood rituals, Noam Chomsky and more

Mullen to make unplanned stop in Israel after Afghanistan visit

Is the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff liasing with his Israeli counterparts over combined military action against Iran?

The last post: McChrystal’s bleak outlook

General McChrystal’s grim assessment for the future of the Afghan campaign, as much as the recent Rolling Stone article, thought to be behind his sacking by Obama

The Coming Jewish Lockdown of the Internet

This website believes that the Zionists aren’t alone in trying to silence dissidents on the web. Their blue-blooded Anglo-American accomplices also want to

Obama Administration Knew About Deepwater Horizon 35,000 Feet Well Bore

Obama Administration Knew About Deepwater Horizon 35,000 Feet Well Bore

Obama green-lighted the risky drilling operation after being told that the estimated 3-4 billion barrels of oil deep in the Gulf would cover America’s oil needs for up to eight months if a military attack on Iran jeopardised oil shipments to the U.S.

The Hindenberg Was Sabotaged

In 1948, Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller told his CIA interrogator James Kronthal that the Hindenburg was sabotaged, but that the perpetrator was never caught

Servants of the dark lord

The Web Bot prognosticator Clif High said on Rense Radio last night that a billion people are about to die because of the great oil volcano caper of AD 2010

Prepare for a false flag attack – get ready for the Amero

Expect a false flag – as big, if not bigger than 9/11 – to be used to implement the introduction of a single currency across north and south America

‘Mossad hit men targeted Erdogan’

Turkey is in the process of completely cutting its ties with Israel amid reports that Turkish security foiled an assassination attempt on Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

WHO to tax your internet usage to fund vaccines in third-world countries

Consider it a reverse Robin Hood ploy: They’re stealing from the working class and giving to the ultra wealthy drug companies!

Wolf and the Other Blitzers, the new War Season, a terrible choice…..

A timetable for war with Iran and what will be sacrificed in the coming Holocaust

Satanism in the Russian Orthodox Church

The Russian Orthodox Church is under assault from the same forces that seek to undermine the Catholic faith. Take a closer look at the effigy being carried by the Russian clergy (left). It looks remarkably similar to the now notorious Satanic Salute

Kenneth O’Keefe Says it All

Proving just how biased it’s supposed “balance” really is: the BBC talks to a Free Gaza Flotilla activist. Includes video links

Government as Instrument of Tyranny

Word from America’s foremost political prisoner, Fritz Springmeier

Iran appears set for massive show of strength

As many as five divisions will take part in the exercise, which will be used as much to test new weapons and equipment as to demonstrate Iran’s readiness to defend itself

Connecting the Zionist Dots

How many British workers will need to lose their jobs, homes and hopes before we can allow ourselves to say “NO” to Zionist wars and their advocates in our midst?