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Iran says military drill in Persian Gulf “successful”

The military drill, which concluded Sunday, also included the testing of smart laser weapons

Iran and Mugabe in secret uranium deal

After President Ahmadinejad’s visit to Harare last week, it’s thought that Iran may have struck a deal with Zimbabwe to mine its potentailly huge deposits of uranium ore

Tolerance, Diversity and the Satanic Monoculture

The corporate-owned mainstream media applaud the destruction of Christian practices under the guise of encouraging “tolerance and diversity”. But in reality they are promoting quite the opposite. Kevin Boyle explains

Illuminati Playbook: The Phony Opposition

Do we have any real leaders? You can recognize them if they are marginalized, slandered and anathema to the mass media. Henry Makow explains why

Suicide Attack in Yemen Misses British Envoy

Suicide Attack in Yemen Misses British Envoy

A suicide bomber appears to be the only casualty in an attempted suicide attack on the British ambassador’s convoy

Iran reportedly tests five new missiles

Concluding three days of military exercises, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards fired five new types of locally manufactured naval missiles

Why Rockefeller Created Canadian & Quebec Nationalism

How a Rockefellar sponsored clique fostered Canadian nationalism to further a hidden globalist agenda

Good health is no accident

Good health comes from within while disease happens to those who believe they have no role in their own health. So they eat for entertainment rather than for nourishment, and live for product-induced external stimulation rather than internal fulfillment

Hyperfast missile to hit anywhere in an hour

Making a mockery of his Nobel Peace Prize, President Obama has given U.S. military scientists the go-ahead to develop a new generation of high velocity weapons

Holocaust Tax Allowance

Gilad Atzmon has a solution to a unique mental condition brought about by a long history of Jewish persecution

The MoD, the arms deal and a 30-year-old bill for £400m

In the 1970s Iran paid Britain for thousands of tanks, but when the Shah fell they were sold on to Iraq. Now an international trade court has ruled that Britain must pay compensation

Yousef Al-Khattab, Man Behind Virulent Anti-Semitic Website, Grew Up Jewish

But as we’ve pointed out elsewhere, the ultimate beneficiaries from ‘anti-Semitism’ are Zionists

AIPAC: The Voice of America — Part 1: The Orange and the Pea

Anthony Lawson on the pro-Israeli pressure group and its stranglehold on U.S. politics

The Afghan War: No Blood for Opium

During the 19th and 20th centuries, European powers (chiefly the UK) and Japan used the opium trade to weaken and subjugate China. During the 21st century, it seems that opium is being used against Iran, Russia and the former Soviet republics

Blood and Semen; The Movie

It’s a serious matter. After all, God wasn’t laughing when he made you, was he? When we see ourselves as a beast that is what we become and TPTB are working flat out to convince us of this …Reflections on sex and sexuality

Polish Plane Crash Truth Video

Poland refused the Swine Flu vaccine. They had their own Central Bank and wouldn’t submit to the Euro zone. They wouldn’t jump in bed with the IMF and were not suffering a recession but were prospering. Jane Burgermeister asks: so what really happened?

Jesus was NOT a Jew – Benjamin Freedman

Extracts from a letter by Benjamin Freedom – a pioneering rebel Jew – who defied the Zionists and exposed their lies

Govt to compensate Algerian accused over 9/11

Although we suspect payment was agreed as much to silence him as to right an injustice, the British government has finally agreed to compensate an Algerian pilot wrongfully accused of having trained the 9/11 hijackers

Black’s Knockout Testimony

On Tuesday, former regulator William Black appeared before the House Committee on Financial Services and told them that “Lehman’s failure is a story in large part of fraud”

Israel builds up deep-sea navy

German taxpayers have already funded the donation of 5 Dolphins to Israel worth 1.8 BILLION Euros. Now Israel wants more of the nuclear capable submarines and corvettes