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Chossudovsky: US will start WW3 by attacking Iran

“We are in a WWIII scenario … I know for a fact that this war has been prepared since late 2004, in terms of stockpiling of weapons, establishing a state of readiness … It’s an extremely dangerous crossroads at which we are today”

Porn – Watching Bruised, Drugged Prostitutes

Shelley Lubben believed she was ready to shoot her first porn film. She was in for a shock: ‘When I walked in, it’s like a dark satanic anointing just fell on me. It was creepy, it was dark, it was eerie … I knew I was in the devil’s territory

The euro will face bigger tests than Greece

George Soros confirms what was predicted on Henry Makow’s website: that Greece was chosen to play the role of a European Union bankrupt state in order to “create” the big problem to which the E.U. is going to “find” the “solution”

Iran: VOA, BBC arms of US, British spy agencies

This website can only agree with Iran’s police chief who on Saturday accused the Voice of America and the BBC of being the arms of U.S. and British intelligence

The Charioteer and the Reins of the Mind

The divine doesn’t care if we are a Christian or a Moslem or a Hindu. The divine doesn’t care if we chant or pray… kneel or stand. It’s the intention and intensity of the heart and its direction that counts far, far more than whatever rituals we engage in

Winnie the Pooh on Race and Immigration

Mass immigration is neatly sandwiched between invasion and slave trade. Either way, a small elite profit from it while anyone who questions the mass influx and cherishes his or her attachment to soil and community is promptly denounced as “racist”

Another Martyr – Edith Starr Miller (1887-1933)

She clearly understood the tempo of our times, writing in 1932: “Today, most of the good people …strive to be broadminded and tolerant! It is fashionable to be tolerant – but mostly tolerant of evil”

To Believe or Not to Believe

The fact that Britain may have waited to get angry until the story got on TV tends to support the view of one Israeli government source that the UK is merely “going through the motions of outrage

Olympic Stool in a Cone with Sprinkles

Reflections in a Petri Dish ponders the Winter Olympics and more

Iran destroyer Jamaran starts defensive mission in PG

Officially launched on Friday, Iran’s first domestically built destroyer embarked on its first patrol Sunday

Accused Christmas Bomber Listened to Music, Slept

From the description of a passenger who sat next to him during the flight to Detroit, the ‘crotch bomber’ sounds like a classic mind controlled patsy

Russia will honour Iran missile deal: minister

However, the engineer in charge of building the S-300s said there were nothing wrong with the missiles technically and called the delay in delivery to Iran a political decision

Iran’s navy to launch 2nd destroyer by 2012

The Iranian navy, which launched its first domestically built destroyer Friday, will follow up with another within the next two years

Father John O’Connor Sounded Satanist Alarm

Marie Henrie on a man who sought to expose an unseen evil that has re written history and has grown to control all aspects of global societies

Wall Street’s Bailout Hustle

Goldman Sachs and other big banks aren’t just pocketing the trillions we gave them to rescue the economy – they’re re-creating the conditions for another crash

Iran in the cross-hairs

If anyone still had doubts about an imminent conflict with Iran, it was removed this week by the arrival of the U.S. army chief in Israel and the threats from the Iranian president and Hezbollah secretary-general

Zionists Devour Tea Party with Palin Trojan Horse

Sarah Palin is being prepared for a more prominent role in U.S. politics with Rupert Murdoch having bought, built, and installed, a TV studio in Palin’s home this past week, writes Brother Nathanael Kapnar

The Tide Has Changed

While in the past Israel would be praised for the courage of its assassin squads, those who are chasing the enemies of the Jews in far lands and beyond, the reaction this week is very different. Gilad Atzmon explains

Offensive in Marja directed at US public opinion

Instigative journalist and historian Gareth Porter explains why the current U.S. offensive in Afghanistan is primarily aimed at U.S. public opinion in preparation for negotiations with the Taliban

First Iranian-built destroyer launched in Gulf

First Iranian-built destroyer launched in Gulf

Upping the ante still further in its face-off with the West, the Iranian navy took delivery of its first domestically designed and built destroyer Friday