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The Poison Tree: Part II

Many of us now know that our governments are dominated by the worst kind of criminals. Kevin Boyle has a few suggestions about what ordinary, decent people can do

The Shoa Must Go On

Despite his conviction for ‘crimes against humanity’ having been overturned by the Israeli Supreme Court, and notwithstanding a lack of hard evidence, a German court is still trying John Demjanjuk, 89, as an ‘accessory’ in the death of 27,900 Jews

Under the Wire and into the Freedom Land

It’s been in the works for a long time. It arrived wrapped in national symbols and a patriotic fever that killed the objective reasoning capacity in the human mind. There was barbed wire in the fever and it closed off areas of human thought and emotion

Military-style spy planes ‘to be used to target civilians in the UK’

For our own good, of course: another step toward the total surveillance state

Illuminati Try to Frame MI-5/MI-6 For Diana Murder

It wasn’t the Royal House of Windsor. No, it was MI5 and/or MI6 who were responsible

New bin Laden Tape Aired

The latest installment in a saga that has been running for nearly ten years now

David Kelly post mortem to be kept secret for 70 years

Doctors accuse Lord Hutton of concealing vital information. More or less confirming what many had long suspected: that the inquiry into Dr Kelly’s death was little more than a whitewash

Christian Identity Oriented Terrorists

Barack Obama’s nominee to head the TSA says the ’terror’ threat is no longer confined to radical Islam. It also now comes from ‘anti abortionts’, and anti-government’, ‘survivalist’ and ‘Christian identity orientated’ types

You’re Looking Good, Peckerwood

Some may disapprove of my knocking celebrities and some may fear I’ll catch it up the road for my efforts. Well… even if I was St. Francis of Assisi (and I’m not) there would be people disliking me

UN climate panel blunders again over Himalayan glaciers

EU taxpayers are funding research into bogus scientific claims about glaciers

Enough is Enough

Head of the influential Council for Foreign Relations, Richard Haass is calling for ‘regime change’ in Iran. As with Iraq, this amounts to an open declaration of war and we can expect to see more of this in the coming months

Beware the BBC

Stuart Littlewood highlights the BBC’s chronic pro-Israel bias, from allowing untruths about Israel’s onslaught on Gaza in 2008-09 to go unchallenged, to its routine willingness to give disproportionate airtime to Israeli spokesmen

Stock Market Porn

There is a masturbatory activity even more widespread than pornography, yet never identified or discussed. Henry Makow explains

The Secret Bank Bailout

I hear the sums that have been shoveled are in the billions and they are showing up on the books of firms like Goldman Sachs as pure profit. It’s really pure scam

Just Say No 2 GMO

Most should instinctively understand the genetically modified foods are harmful. But a few further points help underline that

Ten Days of Holocaust’ News’ and Ten Questions

It has become a secular version of Christmas: a remembrance of suffering given extensive coverage in the media, which largely serves to augment Zionist power and influence. Kevin Boyle surveys ten days of Holocaust coverage

Hollywood Promotes Wrong Kind Of Girl Power

You know the scenario and you’ve probably seen it repeatedly in the media in recent years: the tough independent female who takes on men on their own terms. Just remember though: it’s not about ‘female empowerment’. This is social engineering

Hezbollah and Syria on alert fearing IDF attack on Lebanon

Hezbollah have upgraded their alert status in Lebanon while Syria has begun to call up reserve troops in anticipation of an Israeli attack

Lil Wayne’s “On Fire”: A Video About Occult Initiation

There are no “conspiracy theories” or wild allegations here. The people involved in this know exactly what they are doing. The darker aspects of Western Occultism have been heavily studied and are now being exploited to the full in the music business

Practising the Presence of the Ineffable Divine

Les Visible sent this in this morning with a note: “This might be too esoteric for your audience but I send it on in any case because I was compelled to (grin).” We leave readers to decide if it’s too arcane. Ed.