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Unbowed on Iraq, Blair Makes the Case for Targeting Iran

This website believes that history will judge Blair as the real ‘monster’, as he uses the inquiry into the Iraq war to lay the groundwork for what will culminate in another, much bigger war

Hamas to take Israel to court over alleged organ theft

Hamas is preparing to take Israel to the international courts over a story that apart from the Swedish paper that broke it, has received virtually no coverage in the corporate media

Troops fire on starving crowds in Haiti

As aid trickles in and the U.S. military presence continues to grow, it has been announced that Haiti’s legislative elections scheduled for the end of February, have been postponed indefinitely

German diplomats involved in Iran riots: reports

In addition to British Embassy employees having been convicted for involvement in recent unrest in Tehran, new reports now cite the “involvement of German diplomats”

The Holocaust Industry: All about money?

Is the memory of the Holocaust abused for political purposes? The son of Auschwitz survivors Prof. Norman Finkelstein faces Prof. Israel Charny, executive director of Holocaust and Genocide, in a debate you are unlikely to see on western TV.

Stalin’s Complicity in “Operation Barbarossa”

Far from being ‘implacable foes’, as conventional history would have us believe, Hitler and Stalin worked in collusion in the guise of adversaries. Henry Makow explains

Russia official: No obstacles over Iran arms deal

Russia official: No obstacles over Iran arms deal

Although the S-300 is yet to be delivered, the head of the state arms trader said, “there are no formal bans which would bar the delivery” of the powerful air defence system

Holocaust remembrance is a boon for Israeli propaganda

It was ‘Remembrance’ day yesterday and Israeli propagandists were not found wanting. From Germany and Poland, Italy, France and the United Nations they could be heard delivering florid speeches about the Holocaust

The Holocaust Backfires

In the wake of the ‘International Holocaust Memorial Day’ I will say it loudly and openly. To oppose the Jewish state and Jewish nationalism is the true meaning of the memory of the Holocaust

Oliver Stone says Adolf Hitler was ‘enabled by Western bankers’

“What has America become? How can we in America not learn from Germany in the 1930s,” the Oscar-winning director asked

Ailing Banks Favor Salaries Over Shareholders

Despite the economic downturn and bouyed by the billion dollar bailout, ailing U.S. banks paid their employees up to 94 cents out of every dollar of their earnings to in 2009

Meeting at the Marrow

It is a very rare person who is consumed in the search for meaning and who makes that the purpose of their life. These people are going to experience real difficulty because their search is going to put them at odds with the world in which they live

Iran able to produce nuclear bomb this year

Adding emphasis to the above are reports that Iran could have its first nuclear warhead within the year

Jews, Generals and the U.S. War Machine

With military spending being the largest single item in the federal budget for fiscal 2010 and calls from Obama for a record $708 Billion to fund his wars, Brother Nathanael Kapner looks at the ‘movers and shakers’ in the U.S. armaments industry

“Sharp Dressed Man” Helped Umar Mutallab on Plane Without Passport

“Sharp Dressed Man” Helped Umar Mutallab on Plane Without Passport

Kurt Haskell who sent in a photo of his boarding pass to confirm he was on the flight from Amsterdam (left), says he saw a “sharp dressed” man help Umar Mutallab board Flight 253 even though he didn’t have a passport

Iran a ‘Danger to World,’ Peres Says on Holocaust Day

In a speech marking Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israeli President warned the German parliament about “procrastination in taking action”

Foreign owned and grown food on Australian soil

China looking to buy Australian FARMS – instead of buying FOOD

Airline passengers have ‘no right’ to refuse naked body scanners

Stripping away individual freedom and privacy in the guise of fighting ‘terror’

Iran to unveil missiles during anniversary

Iran to unveil missiles during anniversary

A senior Revolutionary Guards commander says Iran will unveil new missiles soon, coinciding with the 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution

China accuses US of online warfare in Iran

China’s Communist party newspaper accuses the US of using “online warfare” to stir unrest in Iran. Adding, “in the eyes of American politicians, only information controlled by America is free information, only news acknowledged by America is free news”