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Ron Paul and the New World Order

Seems like we are not the only web site to have raised questions about Ron Paul’s real agenda

Iran told to halt work on nuclear plant by UN watchdog

This harkens back to the early days in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq. The same accusations of WMD development, the same MSM portrayal of a dictator and his evil henchmen, the same talk of UN resolutions. Except this time the focus is Iran

A Night Unto the Nations

Just three years after the liberation of Auschwitz the newly formed Jewish state ethnically cleansed the vast majority of Palestine’s indigenous population. Young IDF soldiers were following a racist doctrine that was no different from the Nazis

India may hold whip hand in this power game

In the wake of financial jitters in Dubai, rather than worrying about London and Tokyo, perhaps we should be watching the Indian stock market…

I’m Going to Copenhagen but I Can’t Take You

It has been revealed conclusively and convincingly that global warming is a scam and the people involved have been caught in the act of perpetrating it. However, the hydra-headed, bitch media has been remarkably silent about this

Only Homosexual Degenerates Win Power—Gregory Klimov

This gives the ‘Powers that Be’ control over whomever they appoint with threats of exposure. For example we have been reliably informed that British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was photographed with a male prostitute before assuming office

“Swine flu vaccine is bioweapon”

More on Joseph Moshe, his stand-off with LA cops (left) and how the virus responsible for the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic, which killed millions, is being used in the Swine flu vaccine. Also check the linked videos for corroboration

Israel Readying New Cutting-Edge Arms To Meet Iran Challenge

An arms race is underway in the Middle East as the Huffington Post goes out of its way to conceal one vital fact, which we highlight in a footnote

Get Ready For Another Whitewash

The inquiry into the Iraq War is in danger of being flawed from the outset. Gilad Atzmon explains why

Spitting Mad Jews and Angry Artists: Part 1

Spitting Mad Jews and Angry Artists: Part 1

Dr Lasha Darkmoon’s earlier article about modern art stirred a hornet’s nest of angry debate. Here she continues her exposition of how modern art is being prostituted for political purposes

‘Homo International’ Controls East & West – Soviet Defector

In 1947 a young Soviet officer in East Berlin defected to the West. He brought with him valuable insights into the hidden workings of the Soviet system but quickly found they were also at work in the West. Today those insights maybe even more relevant

Six Degrees of Separation from Redemption and Salvation

Take this great opportunity to nail the skins of the enemy to the wall. They have no defense against the damning evidence of their deeds and you… you can provide that

Aspirin kills 400% more people than H1N1 swine flu

Did you know that common painkillers like aspirin kill 400% more people each year than swine flu has? The statistical fact is that swine flu isn’t very dangerous but the vaccine industry is touting it to scare people into lining up for vaccinations

Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette” or What’s Wrong with the Entertainment Industry

Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette” has raised a few eyebrows with its racy imagery. However, Vigilant Citizen looks beneath the surface and finds a darker undercurrent with allusions to dehumanization, pain and mind-control

“Holocaust Denial is Pervasive, Growing, and Doomed”

Speaking from the Bellevue psychiatric ward where she is undergoing evaluation for advanced schizophrenia, Holocaust Confirmer Deborah Lipstatic today declared, “The situation is critical and victory is at hand”

Iran capable of replacing Russian S-300 missile systems: General

Frustrated by delays in delivery on the agreed sale of Russia’s state of the art S-300 air defence system, Iran is reported to be considering legal action and alternative systems

UK jails schizophrenic for refusal to decrypt files

This story clearly illustrates the police state emerging under the guise of fighting “terror”

Far Beyond Chutzpah

It’s no coincidence that the leading defender of the Jewish state in America is Alan Dershowitz. He helped OJ Simpson get away with what many thought was murder and now he’s doing the same for Israel

Plague Released on Purpose

Was the stand-off with Dr Joseph Moshe linked to the recent outbreak of “Swine Flu” in the Ukraine?

Self Interest and the Kingdom of Heaven

It is a profound wonder that those possessed of great intelligence would choose to serve that which will surely destroy them. What madness is this? It reminds me of that line about gaining the whole world and losing your soul