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A Fly on the Wall of a Cosmic Nightmare’s End

Maybe it was the Chinese stir fry I ate last night or maybe it’s the result of not sleeping very well for a very long time. Whatever it is, I’m laying here in the early morning light thinking about the fabric of manufactured reality being torn asunder

Inglourious Bastards: F-king Jewish Wet-Dream

Perspectives on one of the latest offerings from Hollywood’s performing monkeys

Palestinian MPs and Cabinet members STILL in Israeli jails after illegal abduction

Held by the Middle East’s “one true democracy”

Troops to be sent to Afghanistan with just 6 weeks’ training

This smacks of desperation and will ultimately cost lives

It is right to expose Wiesenthal

Simon Wiesenthal’s reputaion was built on sand, writes Daniel Finkelstien (left). He was a braggart and a liar but then maybe Finkelstien is too

Auschwitz plans found in Berlin flat

Providing “authentic evidence of the systematically planned genocide” after more than 60 years. Or as a reader remarked, a lot longer than it took to find Mahommad Atta’s passport

I’d watch Tony Blair being executed ‘with great pleasure’

The director of the Oscar-winning film The Queen, is not alone. We suspect that many would volunteer to do the deed themselves

Nice Soldiers Die First

To paraphrase General Patton: “…No bastard EVER won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the OTHER poor dumb bastard die for his country”

The Meaning of Life for Dummies

I’ve been receiving ten times my usual emails lately. Many of you are grateful for the work and that’s been motivating and heartening since I was going to stop altogether for awhile and this has put that on hold

Six Jewish Companies Own 96% of the World’s Media

Six Jewish Companies Own 96% of the World’s Media

The power of lies, deceptions and disinformation as Americans pay the price of collective stupidity

Iran envoy says Reiss held for ‘nuclear espionage’

In a recent interview with the French Le Parisien daily, the Iranian envoy to Paris said that the French woman held for espionage in Iran had in fact been spying on Iran’s nuclear program

Israeli call for boycott of Ikea, Volvo

Rather than refute the accusations, Israelis demand a boycott of Swedish products

Afghan conflict serious, ‘deteriorating’-Mullen

“The Taliban insurgency has gotten better, more sophisticated,” says Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff

Wag The Dog, Again

Former foreign policy advisor to Ron Paul, Phillip Giraldi reports that when General Jim Jones and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates visited Israel last week, they told the Israelis that the U.S. was preparing to take action on Iran in ‘eight weeks’

Is the past prologue for A/H1N1?

After three people in a village in Qinghai province reportedly died from the plague, WMR’s sources report that some Chinese emergency response officials, at first, considered napalming the entire village of 10,000 in an attempt to eradicate the plague

Judge Orders Fed To Disclose Who Received Bailout Trillions

Lawsuit required to force “transparency” and “change” Obama promised as Bernanke is re-appointed as Fed chief

Hypnotized Frogs Cooking in the Alphabet Soup

The MSM is like one of those modern day mega-markets. They keep getting bigger and bigger and you wonder how there could possibly be so much food until you find that there are entire aisles of nothing but potato chips, deep fried in palm oil

The Jewish-Illuminati Merchant Class

Paul D. Prockton continues his analysis of the Illuminati’s hidden power structure and how they use the ultimate trojan horse

The Hostage Dream

Gilad Atzmon on how the ‘activist hostage dream’, (a real nightmare actually) is commonly experienced by those people who support Palestine

Iran discovers vast new oil reserves

News that may prompt Tel Aviv and Washington to act sooner rather than later