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Soldier from Scots unit dies in Afghanistan roadside blast

The twentieth British soldier to be killed in Afghanistan this month

Coward Israeli Attack – Strangulation and Passport Theft

Hounded internationally and attacked by Mossad agents, a former IDF officer tells a tale of presecution and of Israeli plans to wage war on Syria

The Cold War: $5 Trillion Illuminati Boondoggle

They got away with it in WWI, WWII and the “Cold War”, wrote Eustice Mullins (left), and more recently with 9-11 and now with the credit crunch and swine flu. What they will hit us with next and how much longer will we buy into their lies?

Disturbing the Universe

How the image of “goose-stepping … ”siegheiling” Nazis endlessly portrayed by Hollywood and the other media provides little insight into in WWII. But how, more than 50 years later, it is still influencing local politics in America

Iran in the Dolphin’s cross hairs

Capable of launching nuclear-armed cruise missiles, the Israeli Navy Dolphin submarines sailing through the Suez to the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea send a clear and menacing signal to Iran

Israel bans “catastrophe” term from Arab schools

Which is like Germany removing the term ‘Holocaust’ from schoolbooks

How Hollywood Spreads Disinformation About Secret Societies

Vigilant Citizen looks at the esoteric symbolism behind two recent Hollywood blockbusters and the hidden messages: one for the ignorant masses, the other for those in the know

U.S. Will Extend ‘Defense Umbrella’ Over Gulf – Clinton

In effect, the secretary of state is signalling a greater commitment to Israel and a greater readiness for U.S. intervention should conflict erupt with Iran

More than 150 UK casualties in a week in Helmand

Beyond the 17 Britons killed so far this July, British forces in Afghanistan have sustained record casualties with more than 150 badly wounded within a week

The Serving Armies of the Standing Bankers

They think they are honest yet they embrace dishonesty at every turn. They think they are brave yet they kneel in a moment before the oppressors of humanity

Hilary Clinton Admits: The CFR Runs Govt

Secretary of State (and CFR member) Clinton admits in her address to the Council on Foreign Relations what Carroll Quigley wrote about in Tragedy and Hope (Chapter 65): the CFR dictates U.S. policies

Michael Jackson Who???

While the world was treated to a minute-by-minute monsoon of news coverage concerning the death of Michael Jackson, a couple of news items of far greater importance slipped by almost unnoticed

Voice of the White House July 20, 2009

A Beltway insider on the precarious state of the U.S. economy and word on hush-hush naval activities in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden

The Transparent Cabal Smeared as “Anti-Semitic”

A response to a review “The Taboo Truths of the Conspiracy Minded”. Or how researchers who are getting too close to the truth must be silenced with accusations of “anti-Semitism”

Of Time Monks, Kairos and Benthic Zones

A look at a vision of the future arrived at quite independently, which echoes Gerald Celente’s. Moreover, despite the date discrepancy, it largely reiterates what a reliable psychic friend has seen should conflict erupt between Israel and Iran

Minister is forced to retract admission on helicopters

Minister is forced to retract admission on helicopters

Gordon Brown has forced an outgoing minister to retract his admission that British troops in Afghanistan needed more helicopters

A Familiar Routine

A turn of events that is becoming all too familiar in the War on Terror

Many Predict U.S. Financial Collapse in September

The signs all point to it happening before the end of September

Grayson Grills Bernanke

Alan Grayson: “Which Foreigners Got the Fed’s $500,000,000,000?” Bernanke: “I Don’t Know”

Why Is a Leading Feminist Organization Lending Its Name to Support Escalation in Afghanistan?

Grim as it was, the plight of Afghan women has only got worse since the removal of the Taliban. So why does a leading Western feminist organisation advocate sending more troops to Afghanistan?