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Deconstructing Bibi – Between Darth Vadar and Julius Caesar

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed National Defense College graduates recently. Mary Rizzo analyses exactly what he said

Left-Wing Website With Direct Ties To White House Smears Alex Jones

Think Progress claims that it is a “nonpartisan organization,” but it’s bankrolled by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a think tank led by Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff John D. Podesta, who also led Obama’s presidential transition team

Are Rockefellers & Sotomayor Illuminati Jews?

We know about the Rockefellers but is Sotomayor playing a similar game?

Iran: U.S. Deadline

Iran: U.S. Deadline

The end of September

Work in Progress Part 1

I’ve had too many encounters with the supernatural to believe that life is limited to the physical realm. One such experience occurred when I was very young and it was to have ramifications decades later that hinted at developments far in the future

Canola Oil

If you thought Canola oil was ‘healthy’ think again. An investigation reveals many possible health hazards

Afghanistan: Training Ground for War on Russia

NATO training Finland and Sweden for conflict with Russia. However, we dont expect it until after war erupts with Iran. At which point we expect

Criticizing Israel Will Be Illegal

The EISCA, a body with influence over the British Government, is seeking to redefine ‘anti-Semitism’. Making it illegal to liken Israel and its treatment of Palestinians with Nazism or citing Jews as collaborators with the Nazis during WWII

Iran can rejoice at failure of Israel's missile defense

Iran can rejoice at failure of Israel’s missile defense

Haaretz reports that tests of Israel’s missile defense system on Wednesday were a “resounding failure”. Effectively buying Iran a little more time, as Israel is unlikely to launch a strike without adequate protection from an Iranian counter attack

The Great Game Continues

Two more British soldiers killed in Afghanistan as British and American officials proffer suggestions of a negotiated settlement

Jew Jersey

Here’s a prediction: by the end of the weekend no one in the mainstream media will be covering this story

I Just Want to Be a Useful Tool

This is just one tool talking to other tools but I left that assembly line a long time ago and I just thought you ought to know that there is a whole other world out there where tools get used for what they were made to do

What Part of Africa Did This Come From??

Comedian Bill Cosby on why it is no longer enough to just blame “white people”

Police officers who practise witchcraft to get Pagan Police Association

Once it stood simply for Police Constable. But now PC could equally mean Pagan Cop. Witches, druids and followers of the Norse gods in police forces throughout the country have persuaded the Home Office to let them set up a support group. The Pagan Police Association will help officers who cast spells and join midnight […]

American Communism and the Rise of Feminism

There is nothing that feminists said or did in the 1960’s-1980’s that wasn’t prefigured in the CPUSA of the 1940’s and 1950’s. Many second-wave feminist leaders were “red diaper babies,” the children of Communists

Voice of the White House July 21, 2009

Russia has drawn a line in the sands over Georgia and the CIA and its Israeli counterparts have been privately discussing removing the Georgian President Saakashvili by a “wet action” (i.e., assassinating him)

Gerald Celente on Alex Jones July 22, 1 of 4

Does Obama have an ace up his sleeve? “The world is going to call it ‘the greatest depression’,” says the founder of the Trends Forecast Institute. “In America its going to be called ‘Obamageddon’”

Welcome to Digger land

George Binning talks James Cruickshank, editor of Glasgow’s Digger magazine – a publication that has exposed criminal doings in high places and whose editorial independence has antagonised and revealed the slavishness of the mainstream media

The Zionist Hidden Tyranny

For having confirmed much of “the Protocols” in this interview, Harold Rosenthal is reputed to have paid with his life. However, much has changed since it was conducted in the 70’s: including the Internet and a growing numbers of Jews rejecting Zionism

The Zionist Hidden Tyranny Part II

“Most Jews do not like to admit it but our god is Lucifer…” The above is an exact quote by Harold Wallace Rosenthal, the top Administrative Assistant to Senator Jacob Javits from New York. Mr. Rosenthal had stated publicly that Jews will completely dominate the entire world and that now they control every facet of […]