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Bloodthirsty Demons in Human Form

Something’s coming people; it cannot go on as it is. Some great summing up is at hand

The US War with Iran has Already Begun

The writing was on the wall as far back as 2005 when Scott Ritter wrote: “Liberation” and the spread of “democracy” have now become the code words within the cabal that formulates American foreign policy today for militarism and war

The Voice of the White House June 21, 2008

There’s far more to reports of ‘Japanese’ having been caught smuggling U.S.$134.5 billion dollars in government T-bills over the Italian/Swiss borders. A Beltway insider elaborates

Mousavi, Celebrated in Iranian Protests, Was the Butcher of Beirut

The mainstream media might be feting him as Iran’s potential liberator but he has an altogether more questionable past. Jeff Stein traces Mousavi’s links to the bombing of the U.S. Embassy and Marine barracks in Beirut

Iran: All’s Well that Ends Well

Iranians should remember that very advanced techniques of social psycho-engineering enable malefactors to use social networks like Twitter to capture and destroy societies

Norwegian politician: Planet X is Incoming 2.000.000 To Go Underground

This partially ties in with information from a very reliable psychic friend

Abortionist’s Killer “Highly Intelligent, Sensitive” – Roommate

“Of course the media and government were automatically assuming that we were a cult … they were very subtly making us look like a cult, which we are not.”

Presidential Elections in Iran

Much has been been made of Twitters impact on Iran’s elections. But the fact remains that most of this is “Americans tweeting among themselves”, says the manager of a Los Angeles based Farsi language news site

The Masonic Plot

T Stokes recalls his involvement in preparations for a military coup in Britain over twenty years ago and how its echoes can be seen today

Iranian Elections: The ‘Stolen Elections’ Hoax

What is astonishing about the West’s universal condemnation of the Iranian election result as fraudulent is that not a single shred of evidence in either written or observational form has been presented either before or a week after the vote count

In 1969, Rockefeller Official Said US Would Be De-industrialized

Decades ago the Director of the Rockefeller-sponsored “Planned Parenthood” said that US industry would be sabotaged and shown to be uncompetitive. In view of the recent bankruptcy of General Motors, his remarks are especially pertinent

Iran tests ‘stealth aircraft, smart bombs’

Iran’s Air Force commander announced Wednesday the successful testing of domestically built radar-evading aircraft and ‘smart bombs’

The Conscience of a Crocodile, the Morals of a Pig

We haven’t seen this since the build up to the Iraq War. We’ve got a dead philosophy student- no doubt shot dead by the guys in Arab suits from Basra- and she’s making Rachel Corrie look like an extra in the Paris Hilton sex video

Electric Drag racing: White Zombie

Electric cars aren’t necessarily slow and pedestrian

Police examine church’s Easter invite

In another example of a subtle but growing clampdown on Christians, mounted and armoured police recently seized invitations to a Church’s Easter service. To investigate allegations that they might be ‘offensive’ to homosexuals, police claim

Goldman to make record bonus payout

Goldman Sachs is expected to pay staff record bonuses after making huge profits following the near collapse and government bailout – with taxpayer’s money – of large parts of the financial sector

Aides’ families evacuated from Iran

Although ostensibly because of the “ongoing violence” in Iran, we believe this is being done in anticipation of a further deterioration in relations with Britain. Significantly, other Britons in Iran have NOT been advised to leave

BBC decides family programme ‘too dark for prime time’

Once again the BBC has been caught engaged in subtle indoctrination. Moving programs that focus on the breakdown of family life from prime viewing hours, while at every turn promoting ‘tolerance’ and acceptance of the ‘gay lifestyle’

Bush sanctions ‘black ops’ against Iran

In May 2007, President Bush endorsed CIA plans for propaganda and disinformation campaign intended to destabilise the country’s hard-line rulers

Are the Iranian Protests Another US Orchestrated “Color Revolution?”

Neoconservative Kenneth Timmerman wrote the day before the election that “there’s talk of a ‘green revolution’ in Tehran.” How would Timmerman know that unless it was an orchestrated plan?