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Lieberman: Wishing for World War III?

Brenda Heard on the diplomatic alignments taking place in the Middle East and how Israel’s new foriegn minister appears to be courting a Slavic world power

6 years in prison for airing Hezbollah TV in NYC

A Pakistani immigrant who used satellite dishes on his Staten Island home to broadcast Hezbollah’s TV channel has been jailed for six years

‘Secret’ submarines lead show of China’s naval might

China put two of its estimated ten nuclear submarines on display for the first time at a naval display in the East China Sea this week

U.S. Army prepares to invade U.S.

The plans to implement martial law in America have been taking shape for decades, hidden behind “Continuity of Government” contingency planning

Iran, Israel ready to go to war

A Russian analyst on the current face-off between Israel and Iran

The Crash Of ’09 – The Collapse Of ’10

There’s no doubt that the country is up the dirtiest of imaginable creeks without a paddle. But what’s amazing is that America remains mired in stunning denial

Tel Aviv Jane Steps in her Own Fewmets

It’s an act of treason to tell the truth. Meanwhile bland announcers and world leaders talk in circles about why this is happening and why that has to happen as if they were discussing the weather instead of deciding to torture and murder people

Iran Attack Still in the Balance

Iran Attack Still in the Balance

Elements in Israel are pushing hard for war but nothing is written in stone and according to a reliable psychic friend things are very much in the balance

Voice of the White House April 23, 2009

The current fuss over torture has been as carefully contrived as a Hitchcock movie, explains a Beltway insider

Clinton says Pakistan is abdicating to the Taliban

Far from bringing peace and prosperity to Afghanistan, the U.S. led invasion has helped destabilise the whole region. With the U.S. sending a further 21,000 troops and Hilary Clinton saying Pakistan now poses a “mortal threat … to the world”

Leaked Bank Stress Test

If leaked results seen by Hal Turner are any indication, the U.S. banking system may be on the verge of total collapse

Jack Bauer can’t stop ‘The Goldman Conspiracy’

10 reasons why Wall Street has absolute power over America’s democracy

Ahmadinejad: “Read My Lips”

Gilad Atzmon on Ahmadinejad’s speech Monday at the UN conference on racism. Includes full text of speech

What would be the timetable for Israel strike on Iran?

We were informed some time back that open hostilities would erupt with Iran around April 2009 but they would start “slowly, slowly”. Meaning that it may a while before the conflict becomes apparent but it may be about to begin

Israel gives blessing to lapdog US

Israel’s new foreign minister emphasizes the Zionist state’s control of U.S. foreign policy

12 arrested after alleged ‘Easter bomb plot’ released without charge

All 12 arrested earlier this month in what the prime minister described as “a very big terrorist plot” have been released – without charge

Is this Man Lucifer?

Or has a respected writer and researcher been taken in by a psy-op?

Jacqui Plays the Terror Card – As I Predicted

Under pressure for using taxpayers money to hire pornographic videos for her husband, Britain’s Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is now playing the “terror” card to save her job

Gerald Celente: Violent Revolution Will Start Soon Part II

“The fix is in, the game is rigged” says trends forecaster Gerald Celente: “Wall Street has hijacked Washington”

The Hidden Agenda for World Government

Congressional investigator for Tax Exempt Foundations, Norman Dodd explains how the major tax-exempt foundations worked to promote a hidden agenda for world government