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Wrong Lizard

More incisive commentary from Israel Shamir: this week he reflects on the recent Israeli elections

The Precession of the Equinox and 2012

Everyone always imagines that there’s going to be some kind of a reasonable warning period …while having ignored the repeated and increasingly more obvious warnings all along

Malcolm X on Zionism

Perspectives from a man before his time


The Afghan War is for drugs, writes a former Ambassador to Uzbekistan. The Taliban had put an end to the drugs trade, which is why they were toppled. While Litvenenko (left) had sought to expose the West’s involvement with drugs and died as a result

‘Worst economic collapse ever’

Gerald Celente accurately forecast the 1987 stock market crash and the fall of the Soviet Union. With a proven record, he now says were going to see an economic Armageddon, the ‘Greatest Depression’ he calls it, leading to unprecedented social upheaval

Democracy = Socialism, i.e. Communism (The Perestroika Deception)

Yes it’s ugly, but we are being played like pawns. Jon Baker explains why

Hidden Spy Camera & Mic Found Inside Digital TV Box

Coming soon: your own spy cameras to specifically watch and listen to you and your family

Mobile phones: tomorrow will be too late

One day, for lack of the will to face up to this problem, we will inevitably be faced with a terrible choice: your mobile or your life!

Self-Promotion by the World’s Richest Despot Knows No Bounds

What has happened in the UK makes Saddam Hussein’s self promotion pale by comparison

Work in Progress Part II

Work in Progress Part II

With a little insider information, even a cursory study of history reveals a hidden pattern

Is Israel assassinating Iran nuclear scientists?

A few years ago Israel embarked on a program to eliminate Iraq’s intellectual elite through assassination. Are they now doing the same with those steering Iran’s nuclear program?

Hollywood struggles to find wealth on the Web

After more than a decade of hype about the Internet being the next great stage for mass entertainment, it remains dominated by amateurs with most Hollywood stars watching from the wings

Iran develops spy drone capable of reaching Israel – official

The intelligence rivalry between Israel and Iran has just intensified

Al-Qaida fantasist tells court: I’m a professional liar

But for a while the media swallowed his stories without question and then regurgitated them as news

Iran has enough fuel for a nuclear bomb, report says

According to one very reliable source, Iran already has a nuclear bomb sold to it covertly. So while it is still developing its own nuclear capability it is keeping at least one nuclear weapon in reserve

US troop surge in Afghanistan is just a ‘teaser’

Obama’s decision to send an extra 17,000 US troops may only be the start of a build-up under General Petraeus that sees US troop levels in Afghanistan double

Cycling Through history Recycling

We exist within the cycle of the seasons. The Earth rotates around the Sun; at least for the moment. Given that circumstances repeat themselves it shouldn’t be hard to see that we are approaching one of those periods of ‘revolution’

Wikileaks releases NATO report on civilian deaths

A confidential report authenticated by Wikileaks reveals a dramatic decline in the security situation in Afghanistan. With US officials reportedly “seething” over the leaks, which put Coalition deaths up by 35% and a huge rise in Taliban attacks

Israel engaged in covert war inside Iran: report

Israel is reportedly waging a ‘dirty war’ inside Iran in an effort to disrupt its nuclear development program

Iran, Russia to Boost Defense Cooperation

Meaning that should Israel and/or the U.S. attempt to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities they will be facing Russia – and we are informed by a reliable psychic friend – China too