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Olmert warns Iran over nuclear plant

As Iran began testing its nuclear facilities Wednesday, Israel again issued thinly veiled threats

Iran begins to test first atomic reactor

Iran has begun testing its first atomic reactor, raising fears of confrontation with the West

Sign the Petition to put Tony Blair on Trial for War Crimes

From the former Yugoslavia to Iraq and Afghanistan Tony Blair steered Britain through a series Anglo-American military forays. Sign the petition to have him tried for what were essentially War Crimes

Big Brother spy planes that track the Taliban may soon hover over your home

Already the most closely watched country on the planet, government ministers are now considering stationing unmanned aerial surveillance drones over Britain’s towns and cities

Study: Israel Retaliates to Palestinian “Provocation” in UK Press

A similar study of the US news shows of ABC, CBS, and NBC, found them to be exhibiting a similar bias. Little wonder then at the term “presstitute”

So Many Questions and so Little Time to Answer

I want to know how come the Main Stream Media has so little to say about how really bad things are going to get. I want to know what kind of a scam ‘they’ are cooking up to justify attacking Iran and if they know that means an attack on Russia too?

Remove Our Grandmother’s Name from the Wall at Yad Vashem

Because of its actions in Gaza, a growing number of Jews are rejecting the dictates of Zionism and are no longer willing to pay homage to Israel’s heritage – unlike President Obama (left)

British Government calls summit over rising anti-Semitism

Watch for the alleged rise in ‘anti-Semitism’ to be used justify a clampdown on the Internet

Latest from Ned Dougherty

Ned Dougherty had a Near Death Experience on July 2nd, 1982, which changed his entire life. Since then he has periodically received communications that are highly relevant in this period of profound change

Holocaust-denying bishop returns to UK

The national Holocaust Centre urged authorities to monitor Bishop Williamson, and prosecute him for any comments that might incite religious hatred. But note: Williamson has not ‘denied’ the Holocaust as such but questioned historical details

9/11 Missing Links

The facts presented in this video reveal that the so-called 9/11 “Truth” movement has been infiltrated and is now controlled by the same criminal group who masterminded the attacks. As they say, ‘if you want to control the dissent you lead the dissent’

Extortion! The Real Reason for War and Depression

This is not another recession, explains Henry Makow; it is a final life-and-death power grab

Iran: the friendliest people in the world

Iran: the friendliest people in the world

A ten-day trip to Tehran and beyond overturms all expectations

Kissinger’s Recovery Plan: NWO or `chaos’

The gloves are off in the battle to shape our “new world order”, observes Eric Walberg

Israel killer drones to counter Iran S-300?

Israel is reported to be developing its own loitering drone to counter the powerful S-300 missile system

Amnesty International urges Barack Obama to suspend military aid to Israel

We feel certain he won’t though

Jesus and Mary as Vulgar Comedy in the Holy Land

Organized Muslim groups have reacted to this latest blasphemy with the same emotion as took place with the infamous cartoons published in Europe disrespectful to the prophet Mohammed. Although in contrast the Christian response has been mild

The Perilous State of Mexico

Much as Pakistan is fighting for survival against Islamic radicals, Mexico is waging a do-or-die battle with the world’s most powerful drug cartels

What’s Missing from This Picture?

The assassination of Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy, the Oklahoma City bombing and Waco all have one thing in common – vital evidence pointing to a conspiracy is missing. Jim Marrs explains

September 11, 2008 – America’s Economic 9/11

And guess which country was behind the scam?