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How the CIA and Military Complex are Controlling the Music and Film Industries

If you thought Rock music was all about youthful rebellion, think again. Many music icons long considered rebels are connected to the military/intelligence and the occult too. Wes Penre explains how the NWO uses them as an instrument for mind control

Israeli Gaza raid kills 180, wounds 800

An Israeli military spokesman told army radio on Saturday that the massive Israeli attack is “only just beginning”

The Paranoia Squad

British police target animal rights, anti-war, anti-globalisation & anti-GM protests. Or maybe that should read: the UK police state’s goon squads have adopted a new guise as “anti-extremists”

Americans prefer news from Web to newspapers: survey

And the number of those who rely on television as a primary source of news is falling

Secret of the Lusitania

Arms find challenges Allied claims it was solely a passenger ship

There will be hell to pay for not attacking Iran

If America does not do the bidding of the Jewish state by attacking Iran, then Israel–out of her black hat of magic tricks–will pull one of her made-to-order false flag attacks against America in order to “get the ball rolling“ in the right direction

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Christ would have been on our side

Extracts from President Ahmadinejad’s address broadcast on British television on Christmas Day – which went down like a lead balloon with proponents of the New World Order

Mandela’s Smile: notes on South Africa’s failed revolution

Breyten Breytenbach, an Afrikaner poet, who served seven years in South African prisons for his anti-apartheid activities, reflects bitterly on what “liberation” has actually brought

Iran keeps quiet on S-300 for now

Amid conflicting reports, Tehran says it will only elaborate ‘in due course’ when the sale of the S-300 missile system is underway. So Israel and/or America may only know for certain if or when they launch air strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities

Voice of the White House December 22, 2008

A Beltway insider reports on a White House preparing to undergo a change of occupant

Another Military Disaster Ahead!

The noose is being tightened around NATO forces in Afghanistan, reports Brian Harring, with a little help from the Russians

One of my sources died in a plane crash last night…

A key witness in the Ohio election fraud and the man who set-up the alternate email and communications system for the White House dies in a suspicious crash

Iran’s president to deliver Christmas message on British TV

Iran’s controversial president will appear on British television on Christmas Day to deliver seasonal wishes of goodwill

World faces “total” financial meltdown: Bank of Spain chief

In the wake of the credit crunch the governor of the Bank of Spain has issued a bleak economic assessment

US wants Russia’s word on S-300

After contradictory reports, Washington has asked Moscow for a firm answer on whether it is selling Iran the S-300 missile system – a weapon described by defence analysts as a “game changer” – or not

How do they do It? I Really want to Know

How do the whores in journalism; the whores in public office, the whores in religious outfits from “The King of Hearts”, the whores for money and the whores for security, … how do they sleep at night?

A Letter from a Palestinian Muslim to Santa

With a list of much needed items for the inmates of the world’s largest concentration camp

Most Big U.S. Banks `Bankrupt,’ Says Prominent Investor

George Soros’ partner Jim Rogers calls most big U.S. banks “bankrupt”

Musina at breaking point as refugees pour in

A humanitarian crisis looms in South Africa as thousands of Zimbaweans flee south

Will Tehran Get Russian Weapons or Not?

Confusion surrounds reports that Russia will/will not supply Iran with the advanced S-300 missile system, with conflicting reports from Moscow and Tehran. Or it could be that Russia and Iran want to keep the world guessing?