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Iran may go to war with Somali pirates

Tehran warns it may use force to free an Iranian tanker and its crew hijacked off the coast of Somalia

Israel fears US will dither while Iran goes nuclear

In the baking heat of the Negev desert, the Israeli air force’s top guns are training for a secret mission. Although few are saying as much, nobody doubts it is in preparations for a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities

Reach peace deal with Syria, attack Iran: Israeli army

An internal Israeli government report recommends that Tehran be isolated from its regional allies, the Times of India reports, as contingency plans are drawn up to attack Iran

Softball on ‘HardTalk’

How the BBC gave Shimon Peres the kid gloves treatment

Rahm the Mechanic Goes to Washington

Many members of congress prostitute themselves for power but they really don’t get much enjoyment out of what they do. Like prostitutes they want the ordeal to be over with ASAP. Rahm however, enjoys what he is doing for Israel

Britain’s Miliband calls Iran world threat

It used to be Iraq and Saddam Hussein – which proved baseless – now it’s Ahmadinejad and Iran

Moving on to Plan B

This Is Not A Normal Recession, but a Black Hole which will end Capitalism

Israel continues starvation of Gazans despite UN pleas

And you thought only Jews were kept in concentration camps? The modern day Gaza is one huge concentration camp holding one and a half million Palestinians, more than half of them children

Voice of the White House November 21, 2008

Commentary from a Washington Beltway insider

Word from Mike James

Forced offline and with no telephone, the authorities are doing their utmost to silence him

Kabul 30 years ago, and Kabul today. Have we learned nothing?

The same old mistakes for those who wont learn from history: Robert Fisk reports from Kabul

George W. Bush, Grade A. USDA-Prime SonofaBitch

You’re the clown prince of Hell, George. You and Dick and your “Laurel and Hardy go to Armageddon” act will stand as one of the ugliest episodes America has ever seen

Bush and Olmert to meet over Iran’s nuclear ambitions

As the two outgoing leaders prepare to meet reliable intelligence sources have signalled that that the chances of an Israeli strike against Iran are growing

Dear God

Out of the blue, as if it were an answer to my prayers or like finding a $50 bill in a pair of old pants you haven’t worn in a while, ‘it’ popped up, meaning a newspaper article ‘SC priest: No communion for Obama supporters’

Sun Setting on the American Century

When Obama enters the Oval office on January 20 next year he will face some of the biggest challenges ever confronted by a newly elected U.S. president, says a new National Intelligence report

Paul: US would back Israeli strike on Iran

“No matter what they do, it is our money, it is our weapons, and they are not going to do it without us approving it,” said the former presidential contender

Nazis Par Excellence

In light of what Israel has been and is doing to the Palestinians and the slow, agonizing death meted out to innocent Gazans, any honest person shouldn’t fail to observe the striking similarity between the Nazi mentality and the collective Israeli mindset

America the Illiterate

As the economic crisis hits home two Americas will emerge. Who will sink or swim wont be decided by race or class; instead the critical factor will be the ability to read, to think for one’s self and distinguish between truth and lies, reality and deciet

Israel to revoke ex-MK’s citizenship

Israel is reportedly revoking the citizenship of a former Arab member of Israel’s legislative body, the Knesset, allegedly for passing information to Hezbollah

The Stuff of Nightmares

Obama’s ‘dream team’ is beginning to look like the nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue