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Something I Saw, Scyring into the Glass Slide

Commentary from Reflections in a Petri Dish – Smoking Mirrors in another literary incarnation – on the man trampled to death by shoppers in a Long Island Wal-Mart

Stubborn glaciers fail to retreat, awkward polar bears continue to multiply

All last week, ITV News was running a series of wearisomely familiar scare stories on the disappearing Arctic ice and those “doomed” polar bears – without telling its viewers that polar bear numbers are at record level

Fed throws fresh lifeline to financial system

The U.S. Federal Reserve announced Tuesday that it would commit a further $800 billion to shore-up the beleaguered U.S. financial system

The Global Economic Meltdown

Worst of financial crisis yet to come: IMF chief economist

Thanksgiving Dinner with Baron Samedi and Al Qaeda in Wonderland

I’m not going to play with rumors concerning who was behind the Mumbai bombing in 2006, writes Smoking Mirrors. But the fact remains that Al Qaeda seem to have an uncanny ability to strike where they want, at any time

Banks exploit legal loophole to seize homes

As British taxpayers bail out failing banks, the banks themselves are using obscure legal powers to sieze the homes of those who cannot pay their credit card debts

US gathering intel on Iran defenses?

US gathering intel on Iran defenses?

The Pentagon is said to be studying the radar system used in conjunction with the S-300 missile system – reportedly acquired via the Ukraine – amid reports that Iran is trying to buy the potent Russian air defence system

Cynthia McKinney Prevented From Leaving U.S.

The former congresswoman was stopped as she boarded a plane in Atlanta

Iran reports rocket launch amid nuclear tension

As tensions mount over its alleged drive to develop nuclear weapons, Iran announced Wednesday that it had successfully launched a rocket capable of putting a satellite into orbit

Obama and the Sirens

For those who believe Obama means ‘change’, nothing could be further than the truth. Just look at who he’s asked to stay on to work in his administration: Defense Secretary Gates

The errors of Iraq are being repeated – and magnified

After five years of occupation in Iraq and £7bn of public money, London’s finest minds joined with those of Washington to reduce what should be one of the world’s richest countries to shambles. Now an even greater disaster unfolds in Afghanistan

Iran arrests ‘Israel-linked spy network’

Warning that its intelligence war with Israel has “become more serious”, Iran announced Monday that it had broken an Israeli sponsored spy network, just over a week after executing an Iranian telecom salesman convicted of spying for the Zionist state

Letter from Zimbabwe

As reports of come in of cholera breaking out in Zimbabwe we received this email, which indicates that the situation there seems to going from bad to worse

The Budget Economy and Deluxury Package Deals

If your news is coming from the main stream media you aren’t getting the news. What you are getting is what I call ‘the package deal’

Bush Administration: Dismiss RFID ‘Mark of the Beast’ Lawsuit

RFID technology is increasingly coming under fire, allegedly for being the “Mark of the Beast”. Now Amish farmers in Michigan have joined the growing ranks of protestors

Antiwar groups fear Barack Obama may create hawkish Cabinet

Like Blair, Barack Obama is being ushered into power under false pretences with empty promises of ‘change’. And like Blair, he will likely help pave the way for more conflict: with his recent appointments starting to look like a fledgling war cabinet

Holocaust hero Bielski accused of stealing $250,000 from elderly neighbour

Hailed as a “Holocaust hero”, chronicled in books and a documentary and the subject of a Hollywood movie next year, Aron Bielski (left) has been accused of swindling an elderly neighbour out of $250,000

The Mexican Narco-Revolution

The American press has chosen by and large to ignore the issue as it might impinge on tourism, oil imports, the lucrative outsourcing of industrial jobs. Nonetheless, the power and corrupting influence of Mexican drug cartels continues to grow

Obama’s economic gang – Fasten your seatbelts

Looks like we could be in for a bumpy ride

Australian Prime Minister Hails Plan for Asia-Pacific Union

Australia’s Kevin Rudd has reaffirmed his commitment to establishing a European Union like alliance across the Asia-Pacific region