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Europe, Asia pledge major reform of global financial system

Europe, Asia pledge major reform of global financial system

Stock markets around the world tumbled again Friday as European leaders met with their Asian counterparts in an effort to restore calm after weeks of financial turmoil

Attacks Against Iraq’s Christians

Genuine religious persecution or just another Mossad False Flag operation?

OECD report ranks US third worst in inequality and poverty

In plain language: the rich are getting richer and the poor are growing poorer and nowhere has this trend been more starkly illustrated than in the U.S.

Financial meltdown defuses military options on Iran

For now but don’t bank on that lasting indefinitely

Top international military officials meet in Adirondacks

Top-ranking military personnel from some of the most powerful nations on Earth reportedly gathered in a small U.S. backwater last week. Are they planning a coordinated strike?

Financial doom and gloom is everywhere – except Lebanon

While the rest of the world faces up to recession, Robert Fisk reports that business is booming in Lebanon

Bush to seek diplomatic presence in Iran

The cynical might say this is a ruse to allay Iranian fears of an impending U.S. attack. For there is a distinct difference between saying you are interested in the possibility of a diplomatic presence in Iran and actually establishing a consul there

The Balding Butt Plug

The former British diplomat has an honest confession and some intriguing insider observations on current events. Follow the link for an interesting take on Nathaniel Rothschild and an explanation of the title

Jorge Haider Smear Campaign Underway

After a highly suspicious “accident” the Austrian authorities are going to considerable lengths to smear the memory of Jorge Haider and prevent him from becoming an icon

NASA’s Project blue beam – NWO

Brief explantory video on Project Blue, what it can do and how it ties in with HAARP

Islamic banking escapes fallout

Many Christians have forgotten that Christ’s tirade against the moneylenders was a warning against usury – the foundation of modern banking. Muslims bankers haven’t though and abiding by Islam’s rulings they’ve escaped the worst of the credit crisis

Senate Leader Scraps Website War Poll, Blaming Hackers

Senate leader Bill Frist recently pulled a “Bomb Iraq” poll from his website blaming hackers. But only after a resounding “No” vote was registered

BBC Set To Air Third Smear Attack On 9/11 Truth

Three times in a row: just how complicit are they in the cover-up?

Voice of the White House October 20, 2008

A Beltway insider reports on new attempts to clampdown on the Internet

A Michigan Police Officer’s Take on Obama

If true, this reveals that Obama’s image is being carefully groomed – from which we can conclude that he may be not all he seems

Oligarchs, Mandelson and Osborne

Or how the Rothschild family, particularly Nat Rothschild (left), extend a web of influence through British politics and the Russian oligarchs

India chases China to the moon

A new ‘space-race’ is underway

Have Fun Bending Over for Catch 22

With Colin Powell having endorsed Obama you can now stick a fork in McCain. This puts the final nail in his presidential hopes

We have lost people’s trust on immigration, minister admits

The newly appointed immigration minister states the obvious and does his bit to placate public concern. But you can guarantee that nothing will be done to actually remedy the situation

Svali is Alive!

Feared dead by many, Svali has now re-emerged. Here she reveals more of the Illuminati’s plans and how they tie in with the current global financial crisis