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Trouble in Banktopia

Don’t listen to the “experts”, writes Mike Whitney; just look at the numbers

Voice of the White House September 26, 2008

A Beltway insider with some sound financial advice; which for the record, this website has already invested in, sensing that soon paper money, particularly dollars will be worth little more than Monopoly money

Your Mr. Potato Head and the Potato Free Truth

It’s a powerful illusion isn’t it? How can you help not believe these men who can command such wide attention; who have such an appearance of authority, who can talk in front of large audiences and who wield such power? But it’s still an illusion

US ‘said no to Israel bombing Iran’

Israel had wanted to launch a strike on Iran earlier this year but the U.S. reportedly refused to grant premission for Israeli planes to pass through an air corridor over Iraq fearing Iranian retaliation on its forces in Iraq and Afghanistan

Hang ‘Em High!

Instead of spelling disaster, writes Israel Shamir, the financial collapse offers a unique opportunity to fix all of America’s ills

The PRE-PLANNED Financial/Economic 911 of 2008

Just as 9/11 was perpetrated as a cover for inaugurating the War on Terror, the recent financial meltdown is part of a wider scheme. But instead of hijacked airliners short sellers were used to create a very definite effect with one ultimate objective

Taliban revival sets fear swirling through Kabul

Attacks are on the rise and the Taliban are now less than 20 minutes drive from the capitol

U.S. deploys radar system at Israel base to detect Iran missiles

The U.S. Army’s European Command recently began to deploy radar systems and men in Israel

Bush rescues Wall Street but leaves his soldiers to die in Iraq

Virtually unreported was a potential scandal in which L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa recently returned from a $225,000 junket to Israel. The purpose? To launch new agreements for security at L.A. International airport

Iran launches book mocking Holocaust victims

Guaranteed to generate an outcry and ratchet tensions up still further with the Zionist state

The Party’s Over

Who are Americans kidding? Asks Patrick Buchanan. What we are witnessing today is how empires end

Former Illuminati Insider Speaks Out

Henry Makow talks to Mary Anne, a former high ranking insider who tells how ritual human sacrifice is used by the Illuminati, who is involved, why and much more besides. For the record: this web site believes she ‘sounds’ totally authentic

WaMu becomes biggest bank to fail in US history

The market meltdown gathers pace

Marriott Was Set Ablaze by Americans

As far as most Western news services are concerned a suicide bomber started the fire that gutted the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad. However, as a correspondent reports from Pakistan, things may not be quite as the Western media would have it

Summit on $700bn Wall Street bail-out falls apart

George W Bush’s $700 billion deal to save the global economy from meltdown is hanging in the balance after a bitter summit with John McCain, Barack Obama and congressional leaders fell apart

Iran to Launch Satellite With Own Rocket to Space

The same technology used to put a satellite into orbit can be used to deliver long-range nuclear missiles


Rep Kaptur expalns the ground rules for a crooked few and what America really needs

It Doesn’t Look Good for the Boys in the Back Room

There’s panic in the air. DVD’s of wild-eyed Muslim fanatics are appearing in your newspapers as a gift to bolster falling sales. The bombs are starting to go off, in Yemen, in Pakistan and soon who knows? Maybe somewhere you’d least expect

Iran plays up its peacemaker role

Much to the annoyance of the pro-Israeli lobby

U.S. Predator Goes Down in Waziristan

A correspondent in Islamabad reports that locals in Pakistan’s tribal region claim to have shot down an armed U.S. drone