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Iran says it launched satellite into space

Meaning that its military missile capabilities are also advancing apace. Includes link to video of launch

Revealed: Britain’s secret propaganda war against al-Qaida

Beyond the fact that al-Qaida is largely a creation of western intelligence, what’s interesting here is the fact that the authorities have targeted the Internet: a clear indication of the new media’s growing influence

SS Liberty Reaches Gaza, Israel Backs Down From its Threat

They’ve breached the Israeli blockade but they are not out of danger yet. Mark Glenn reports

Solzhenitsyn and the Jews

Alexander Solzhenitsyn believed Russia had a special ‘destiny’ and for the record this web site concurs. Nonetheless, the Russian writer also stirred much animosity among organised Jewry. Brother Nathaniel explains

Hoxsey: How Healing Becomes a Crime

There are scores of alternative clinics around the world claiming high success rates in treating cancer. Yet most of these treatments have been banned in the U.S., where medicine is big business and where such treatments constitute a threat to profits

‘You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist’

Biden’s support for Israel seems assured. Underlined by his appearance on Jewish cable network Shalom TV when he declared Israel “the single greatest strength America has in the Middle East” and “you don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist”

Barack Obama Is Not a US Citizen, Not Eligible to be US President

AS Joe Biden was announced his running mate, we reveal a fatal flaw in Obama’s presidential campaign. One that could open the door to the Oval office to Hilary Clinton, or worse still John McCain

Barack Obama's 'lost' brother found in Kenya

Barack Obama’s ‘lost’ brother found in Kenya

For those of us who have lived in Africa the photo says it all. Obama’s long ‘lost’ brother (left), reportedly tracked down to a Kenyan shanty town, could spell trouble for the presidential hopefull

Taliban win over locals at the gates of Kabul

The Taliban are building a parallel administration on the very doorstep of Kabul, which is more effective, more popular and more brutal than the Western supported government

Naked, Drunk, Surrounded By Sex Toys

– It’s the Israeli Ambassador!!!

Iran plans to launch telecoms satellite

After launching a dummy satellite into to orbit last Sunday (although U.S. officials claim the launch was a failure), President Ahmadinejad told a rally Saturday that Iran now plans to put a telecommunications satellite into orbit

Buddha’s Nativity in Ladakh

Buddha’s Nativity in Ladakh

Ladakh is a good place to get an understanding of the Tibetan problem, for Ladakh is also a part of Tibet; there is one important difference: we never hear any bad news from Ladakh, though their situation is quite similar

Voice of the White House June 22, 2008

A Beltway insider on how the pro-Israeli lobby are angling to position one of their own as McCain’s running mate and why this may ruin his chances of being elected

Is Hillary Going For The Kill At The Denver Convention?

The key to understanding what could actually happen is in the fact that Hillary did not withdraw from the race. She announced only that she was “suspending” her campaign

Seafaring activists reach Gaza shore

Seafaring activists reach Gaza shore

Humanitarian campaigners successfully breach the Israeli imposed blockade bringing much-needed medical supplies

Iran Army wraps up stealth manoeuvres

According to a senior military commander, the manoeuvres involving the air force, navy and army were held in secret to prevent the West from acquiring intelligence on Iran’s capabilities

U.S. won’t sell refueling jets to Israel, fearing strike on Iran

Common sense prevails, for now at least, but this could change with the onset of a new administration

Are You Ready For Nuclear War?

A former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury says Bush’s policies are leading inexorably to a confrontation with Russia and China. This isn’t alarmist overstatement – this website believes that this is will happen within the next 12 to 18 months

The 7th Anniversary Of 9/11 And The Cycle Of War

Nobody, either good or bad, is immune from the grand test of time. And the same figures who were behind Pearl Harbour, Vietnam and the Gulf Wars shall one day answer for there crimes

Syria: Time ripe for closer Russia military ties

Syria: Time ripe for closer Russia military ties

Old aliances are being strengthened as Russia prepares for potential future conflict