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Venezuela to buy more weaponry from Russia

Turning into a potential thorn in Amerca’s side

Each Second Russian Immigrant Wants to Be Real Jew

It can hardly be called “anti-Semitism” but many Russian Jews who have immigrated to Israel report having encountered discrimination

It’s Chilling!

It’s Chilling!

Maybe, having destroyed the social, economic and educational infrastructure through the use sanctions, the 2003 Anglo-American invasion was only the start of the Final Solution in Iraq

Iranian military convoy rocked by mystery explosion

The explosions that rocked a munitions warehouse run by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards on July 19, seemed at odds with their reputation for ruthless effeciency. Leading some to suspect western backed sabotage

All options against Iran must be prepared: Israel army chief

All options against Iran must be prepared: Israel army chief

We repeat: we’ve been reliably informed that the shooting will only begin in April next year. From there it will escalate: “slowly, slowly” we are told, until it becomes a full-on global clash involving Israel, Iran, the U.S., Russia and China too

Persia: Ancient Soul of Iran

What Really Happened has an interesting take on Iran and ‘Biblical history’

Investors buy gold bars in record numbers

They know that when the bottom drops in the market – as seems increasingly likely – gold is the most secure investment

The Great Panic of 2008

Billions of dollars have supposedly been lost in the past few months. But have they really? Don Harrold exposes some of contradictions and lies behind the current “banking crisis”

New Analysis Proves Super-Sonic Detonation Caused TWA Flight 800 Crash

New Analysis Proves Super-Sonic Detonation Caused TWA Flight 800 Crash

A new ballistics analysis of wreckage reveals that a super-sonic detonation prior to the final fuel tank explosion brought down TWA Flight 800. Will the finger of blame now be pointed at Iran?

Israel has no reason to fear Barack Obama

He’s saying what they want to hear, telling the AIPAC: “There is no greater threat to Israel … than Iran… I will do everything in my power to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon”. Adding for emphasis: “Everything in my power. EVERYTHING”

Voice of the White House July 21, 2008

If Obama is elected, he will have done more for the America black community than Martini Luther King ever did. His color, however, is of no concern to the Kingmakers here. All they are interested in is whether or not he can be bribed

Pittsburgh cancer center warns of cell phone risks

The head of a leading cancer research centre has warned staff about the use of cell phones

Iran not to make concession in nuclear rights

Contrary to what was written earlier about war with Iran erupting 3 years hence, we’ve been informed by a very reliable source that the shooting will begin in April 2009. From that point it will steadily escalate into something much, much bigger

West to flex military muscles against Iran

The U.S. is leading a large-scale naval exercise in the Atlantic until the end of July. Involving ships from America, Britain, France and Brazil the exercise is seen as intended to send a clear signal to Iran

Free Expression; Tweedledum and Tweedledee

There is something in the human spirit which cannot be denied. Dark times come and go. But the reptiles that are presently making the world look like something out of Hellraiser just don’t have the juice for the long haul

Eleven Reasons Why America is the New Top Socialist Economy

Eleven Reasons Why America is the New Top Socialist Economy

Is Zimbabwe the new model for the U.S.?

France and It’s New Zionist Tyranny

Having installed Sarkozy in the Elysée Palace, his Zionists backers are now busy consolidating their power and clamping down on any dissent – particularly those who would question the sacred lore of the six million. Brother Nathanael Kapner explains

Why Israel Can’t Attack Iran

Although it may want to there are three reasons why Israel cannot strike Iran just yet. Roni Ben Efret spells them out

Freedom of Speech, Satire, and Revisionist History…

David Irving who is currently on a speaking tour in North America, is stirring strong feelings. Walking home last week Marcia G. Yerman stumbled across one of his talks in New York’s Upper East Side

Obama’s Secret Advisors

He knows he must pledge support for Israel to get into the White House. But on the day that presidential hopeful Barack Obama visits the Jewish state, Judicial-inc (banned in France) takes a look at the ‘advisors’ who are helping to steer his policies