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Voice of the White House June 23, 2008

It may never amount to anything, writes a Beltway insider, but the latest psychotic talk in Washington comes from the Cheney people who are discussing – privately and amongst themselves, of course – of induced mass starvation in South East Asia

The British Occult Secret Service

As one might expect, ever since it was founded under Elizabeth I, the British Secret Service has long history of operating with the hidden, the unseen and the occult . Michael Howard explains

Historian Reveals the Double Life of “The Great Beast 666”

Nicknamed the “Great Beast”, such was his notoriety; the infamous Aleister Crowley has now been revealed as an asset working for British intelligence

Britain’s Armed Forces ‘stretched beyond their capabilities’ by fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan

A Chief of Staff has admitted that Britain’s armed forces are stretched to the limit and cannot continue waging campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan indefinitely

Sarkozy, Peres, Olmert – Survivors of a Failed Assassination Plot?

Doubts are growing over the alleged “suicide” of an Israeli border guard which prompted Nicolas Sarkozy’s hurried exit from Israel yesterday (left). Barry Chamish explains

Catholic Bishop says Protocols of Zion Authentic

He is also on record as saying the WTC towers were brought down by “demolition charges” and that 9/11 was an inside job. Predictably the Simon Wiesenthal Centre is reportedly planning action against him

McGovern: Iran attack coming soon

A former CIA officer writes that a handful of senior officers have been key to preventing an attack on Iran, thus far. But their numbers are diminishing and an American-Israeli agreement has been reached to launch a strike

Contrived Shortages and the New Reality

A Psychological and economic war on the people is being waged, writes Tex Marrs

Israel is a long way from attacking Iran

Yossi Melman explains why the anticipated strike isn’t going to happen … just yet

There will be no Armageddon

At least, not quite yet anyway

Israeli guard kills himself at Sarkozy farewell

Contrary to earlier reports, the shooting at Sarkozy’s ceremonial departure from Israel may not have been “accidental”

Emergency Official Witnessed Dead Bodies In WTC 7

Includes video of Barry Jennings discussing explosions in WTC 7 before the twin towers fell. Withdrawn from Loose Change after threats, it has been released in anticipation of a BBC documentary that is expected to reinforce the official story

Ahmadinejad target of Rome murder plot, aide says

Ahmadinejad target of Rome murder plot, aide says

An aide to President Ahmadinejad said Monday that two plots on the Iranian leaders life had been uncovered. One in March while he was visiting Baghdad and another earlier this month when he attended a UN food summit in Rome

A Little Bird Told Me…

The BBC has built a monument purportedly to commemorate journalists killed while covering conflicts. However as Matthew Delooze explains, it appears to hold hidden esoteric symbolism intended to reactivate ancient Masonic power points

Panel: Germany gave Israel NIS 61.5 billion, Holocaust survivors got about half

Seems like the Holocaust Industry is a profitable business even if the rewards aren’t evenly distributed

UK Anti-War Movement Infiltrated By Agents Provocateurs

How the anti-war movement is now being infiltrated by sinister agents provocateurs and how to spot them

Eisenhower’s Holocaust

Amongst the 20th century’s many holocausts – including the Nazi slaughter of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and communists, Stalin’s genocide in the Ukraine and Pol Pot’s killings – Eisenhower’s own bloody legacy has been largely forgotten

Is this Gay Behavior Sick?

Henry Makow explains what’s really behind the drive to promote homosexuality as an ‘alternative lifestyle’

Zakheim and Chabad Lubavitch Dedicate Talmud To Pentagon Memorial of 911

Zakheim and Chabad Lubavitch Dedicate Talmud To Pentagon Memorial of 911

This is an example of hypocrisy and cynicism at its most obscene. One of the main movers behind 9/11 dedicates a memorial to the events of that fateful day. This, after he forced our web hosts to take down an article that clearly linked him to 9/11

Russian ‘killer of aircraft carriers’ starts drills in Pacific

As part of an ongoing program to overhaul and upgrade Russia’s military capabilities