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The Truth About Homeopathy

If only doctors and scientists would study Nature, they would find all the answers and instead of going against it, learn from it. Louise Mclean dispels some of the myths surrounding homeopathy

Arrogance, Bloody-mindedness and Chauvinism: The ABC of the British Media

Characteristics endemic in the British media as exemplified by a recent BBC documentary series on Russia

Syria sends minister to Iran after shock revelation Israel talks

Syria’s Defence Minister was in Iran on Saturday to discuss mutual defense agreements after disclosures that Damascus had held renewed peace talks with Israel

Iran mosque blast plotters admit Israeli, US links: report

Iran’s chief prosecutor says the bombers held for a blast in Shiraz last month that killed 13 have confessed links to Israel and the U.S.

Residential School Genocide: “Apology” Isn’t Enough

Canada is currently engaged in its own brand of Holocaust denial. Quietly trying to excuse and deny its own shameful past when as many as 50,000 native Canadians were murdered in residential schools and hospitals. Rev. Kevin Annett explains

London’s cowardly academic establishment

Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom, a respected astronomer and author, is the latest scientist to discover the limits of academic freedom in the Western world

Pelosi denies Olmert proposed U.S. blockade of Iran

Contrary to earlier reports

IOF troops destroy agriculture sector in Gaza; kill Palestinian farmers

No longer content with imposing restrictions on travel and the import of food and medicine, the Israelis have now resorted to uprooting trees, smashing greenhouses and killing farmers in Gaza’s agriculturally most productive area

What’s More Important – Your Cell Phone Or Your Brain?

My father told me constantly that cell phones were very dangerous and that I would get a brain tumor. “Yeah, Yeah, Papa”, I would say, “what do you know about cell phones?” But I was wrong, writes a man subsequently diagnosed with a brain tumor

Massive New Chinese Missile Base Uncovered

News of the new missile base comes only days after the discovery of a second massive underground sub base near Sanya, on Hainan Island off its southern coast

Lizards and Vultures and Swine … Oh my!

Most of you know of David Icke and the idea of lizard people who may, or may not be in control of much of the world. Such notions didn’t originate with Icke but for me, if someone behaves like a flesh-eating lizard then they might as well be one

Written Out of the Law: A Child’s Right to a Father

The new Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill is now set to make it easier for lesbians and single mothers to get treatments like IVF. Exactly as the Ruling Elite planned

US political author Norman Finkelstein denied entry to Israel

Outspoken critic denied entry and detained pending deportation

Bilderberg Confirmed: Westfields Marriott In Chantilly June 5-8

Despite earlier attempts to confuse observers, veteran Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker has confirmed via three separate sources that the Bilderberg Group will meet this year in Chantilly Virginia at the Westfields Marriott hotel from June 5-8

Orthodox Jewish youths burn New Testaments in Or Yehuda

Makes you wonder why some so-called ‘Christian’ evangelicals are so eager to support Israel?

Domestic Violence Hysteria is Political

Just as the banksters propagandized workers, Blacks and Jews to do their bidding, they used feminism to harness the political power of women who couldn’t get a date Saturday night. Henry Makow explains

9/11 Conspiracy Wackos May Be Right

9/11 Conspiracy Wackos May Be Right

The mainstream media can no longer ignore the fact that a growing number of experts – including scientists, pilots and structural engineers – now question the official version of events on 9/11

The Original Six Million

The Original Six Million

A collection of articles from the 1920’s and the decades before all of which refer to the dire predicament … of SIX MILLION JEWS. Whence this foreknowledge? We suspect this is the workings of an occult agenda

Petraeus: Troops in Iraq help blunt Iran threat

Says more leverage – diplomatic and economic – should be applied to make Iran relinquish its nuclear ambitions. Notes however, that the option of a military strike to accomplish this should be retained as a “last resort”

A snapper, a security guard and 16,000-plus internet hits…

Coming soon to a high street near you. The concept of “Private Security Contractors” has been transplanted from the backstreets of Baghdad to busy British shopping centres. Includes video link