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Hitler, His Bankers and the Holocaust

There are two alternative schools of thoughts concerning Hitler: one that claims he was a formidable enemy of Communism and the Jewish forces behind it, and one that calls Hitler a tool of the very international Jewry that he supposedly fought

Iran strike an unattractive last resort: Bolton

One of the architects of the Iraq war and a leading neocon hawk seems to be backing away from advocating military confrontation with Iran, for now at least

Iran-Syria sign defence pact

A week after news broke that Damascus had engaged in indirect peace talks with Israel, Iran and Syria signed a renewed mutual defence cooperation agreement

Voice of the White House May 26, 2008

This week: transcribed conversations with a retired senior CIA man reveal much of the organisations dark history. Follow the links for more

Over 60% of People Do Not Trust the Government

60% of Brits perceive their government as serving powerful special interests rather than the interests of the people as a whole, likewise 80% of Americans said the same

‘We face the most serious recession of our lifetime’

The 77-year-old billionaire forecasts a grim economic outlook

Jerusalem camera catches brutal attack by Jewish teens on Arab youths

Outside a shopping mall in Jerusalem on of all days “Holocaust Remembrance Day”

Bush ‘plans Iran air strike by August’

Time will tell but somehow we think not

Iranian-born Israeli charged with spying for Iran

Last year an IDF colonel was convicted of spying for Hezbollah, in January a major in the IDF reserves was convicted for passing on information to Hamas. Now another Israeli has been charged with passing on sensitive information to Iran and its allies

Olmert’s Peace Spin

According to Israeli activist and celebrated jazz musician Gilad Atzmon, Ehud Olmert has his own reasons for restarting peace initiatives with Syria. And peace isn’t one of them

I was held by the Russians in Sachsen-hausen; this is what I saw

A letter to David Irving confirms that the gas chambers at one Nazi concentration camp were built after the war under Soviet supervision. For revealing this in a booklet the ninety-year-old former prisoner was threatened with imprisonment and fined

Here Be Psychopaths and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

I don’t know anti-Semitic from soft ice cream. All I know is that some people are crooked characters but collective karma has a way of straightening things out

Israel ‘would consider strike’ amid fears over Iran’s weapons programme

As Tel Aviv restarts peace talks with Syria, worries mount over Iran’s nuclear ambitions and a weapons program in which it is believed to be developing a cruise missile capable of evading Israel’s anti-ballistic missile defences

Bush and McCain’s Iran Insanity

Iran fought a long, grueling war with Iraq, and I think what they want more than anything else is a little peace and prosperity. But I think they are worried about Bush, McCain and Israel, and I don’t blame them

Noam Chomsky: Controlled Asset of the New World Order

Noam Chomsky and his clique of re-direct agents mercilessly push real activists into dead-end solutions. Until they are vocally exposed, the Left will continue to remain a managed asset of the New World Order. Daniel L. Abrahamson explains

Shin Bet detains, deports Jewish-American professor, Israel critic

Professor Norman Finkelstein was prevented from entering Israel Friday. Held at Ben-Gurion Airport, he was interrogated by Israeli security services before being put on a plane back to Amsterdam

Voice of the White House May 23, 2007

Unbeknown to Bush, a unit under the DoD has been monitoring secret communications between Tel Aviv and their Embassy in Washington. If these ever get out, I can envisage pogroms here to rival those of Imperial Russia or Nazi Germany

The mystery of the man who shot Nelson

Not for nothing is the hero of Trafalgar also known as the Butcher of Naples

Dope, Inc. – Part 1: History of Britain’s First Opium War

At its height the British Empire funded, protected and controlled the world’s narcotics trade. The Empire had discovered that not only were drugs highly profitable, they were also useful in subduing locals and undermining resistance to colonial rule

Roman Abramovich ‘vetted’ Vladimir Putin

Alexander Litvinenko, the spy poisoned in Britain, claimed before he died that Roman Abramovich effectively vetted Mr Putin – on behalf of Russia’s powerful oligarchs – to succeed Boris Yeltsin as President