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Italy and Japan question 911 while our children are indoctrinated

Questions about the events of 9/11 have again been raised in the Japanese Parliament. Includes video link

That’s why we need 42-day detention, says ex MI6 boss

The man named in MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson’s affidavit as being involved in the murder of Princess Diana, Sir Richard Dearlove (pictured left), says we need increased powers of detention to deal with the supposed “terror” threat

Iran-led radicals getting stronger, Israel warns

In other words the U.S. must deal with this threat to peace in the Middle East – with Israel being ultimate and sole beneficiary, of course

Wall Street may lose 36,000 jobs

The financial credit crunch may be about to bite into the Big Apple

US warns Iran of retaliation over Iraq action

Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, ratcheted up the pressire on Iran last Friday by saying that “It would be a mistake to think that we are out of combat capability”

Ex-minister's immigration warning

Ex-minister’s immigration warning

This warning was buried on BBC online nearly 2 years ago. Fortunately though we’ve unearthed it and coming from a former minister believe it deserves wider exposure. In short, Frank Field says, the UK is “living on borrowed time” regarding immigration

Israel's UN ambassador calls Jimmy Carter 'a bigot'

Israel’s UN ambassador calls Jimmy Carter ‘a bigot’

Israel’s UN Ambassador says former president Jimmy Carter “went to the region with soiled hands and came back with bloody hands” after meeting with Hamas. Even as, Friday morning the Zionist state rejected a truce offer from Hamas

Resistance kills Mossad agents in Iraq

Virtually ignored by western news media, MENA reports that a bomb blast in Kirkouk on monday, was aimed at Mossad operatives

Let’s Get This X**X!! Straight

A polite request to “German” Jews concerning the “six million” figure

Black Hole in Bush’s Brain

Rather than serving as an anchor for a new era of stability and American preeminence, the new Iraq represents a strategic black hole, bleeding Washington of military resources and political influence while extending Iran’s primacy

The Decline of Love

The Decline of Love

Love is women’s work and obsession. It’s what makes them tick. If they lose this knack, they are lost and so are we all. How did we ever let social engineers working for Illuminati banksters sabotage it?

Why Food Prices Will Go Through the Roof in the Coming Months

A deadly fungus threatens the vital Asian Bread Basket. Moreover, an effective fungicide doesn’t exist and it comes shortly after the rice price doubled. Nonetheless, Monsanto and other genetically modified seed producers look set to exploit the crisis

Wheat Crop Failures Could be Total, Experts Warn

Already under strain, world food supplies face a new threat. Known as Ug99, a fungal infection is spreading to areas of the globe where “crop losses are expected to reach 100 percent”

Voice of the White House April 25, 2008

With millions of Americans falling deeper and deeper into debt, the larger debt-collecting companies are now outsourcing their collection methods to India. A Beltway insider with valuable advice on how to avoid being harassed by them

Britain’s biggest banks use astrology to play the markets

The precarious state of the global economy has seen a rising demand for astrological advice among businessmen and bankers

When Seeing and Hearing Isn’t Believing

Voice-morphing and Fake video – the CIA’s hi-tech dirty tricks

The World According to… Lynn Forester de Rothschild

Sycophantic it may be but there are real nuggets here. Like the fact that Forester met her future husband at a Bilderberg meeting – meaning she was already a player – as witness the fawning: “and when did you make your first 100 million”?

"Western Leaders Are War Criminals”

“Western Leaders Are War Criminals”

Speaking at Imperial College in London last night, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia has called for Western leaders to be charged with war crimes over Iraq

Hamid Karzai escapes as Taleban target military parade

The Taleban defied extremely tight security to launch a rocket and sniper attack on a military parade in Kabul Sunday, scattering Afghan soldiers in ceremoniol dress (left) and coming close to killing President Hamid Karzai

Kim Jong-il builds ‘Thunderbirds’ runway for war in North Korea

Just as in the 60’s kids Sci-Fi series Thunderbirds, North Korea’s Kim Jong-il is reported to have built an airbase beneath a mountain. Is this fact or fantastic propaganda: like earlier reports about Saddam’s WMD and his Super Gun? We leave you to decide