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Voice of the White House March 24, 2008

Given the dire state of the money market, a Beltway insider proffers some financial advice

It is an Idea Whose Time has Come

As uncertain and treacherous as the world has always been, there was always hope; sleeping like a poisoned princess in Pandora’s Box

A Solicitation in Support of Genocide

From none other than the Simon Wiesenthal Center

Mass Media Propaganda

Key Articles Reveal Media Propaganda Role in Keeping Secrets

Armed Forces ‘at crisis point in resources’

Military experts have told the House of Commons that operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have stretched UK armed forces to a “crisis point in resources”

Why George W. Bush is the World’s Leading Terrorist

It’s a simple matter of arithmatic

Oil trucks bombed on Pak-Afghan border

Taliban destroy 36 oil tankers supplying fuel to US forces in Afghanistan

Over 70,000 deaths, and over 1 million disabilities among American soldiers

Largely unpublicised, an official U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs has put the number of U.S. soldiers who have perished as a result of exposure to Depleted Uranium based bio-chemical weapons at 73, 846 – more deaths than Vietnam

The Truth About Fusion Centers Will Blow Your Mind

The Truth About Fusion Centers Will Blow Your Mind

The Department of Homeland Security’s “Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative” has used $380 million to set-up 40 hi-tech surveillance centers in the US. A reader explains what this entails

One Foot in the Grave

Iran Attack Nearer, More Likely Than Most Suspect: Chris Floyd spells out exactly why

Cheney discusses terrorism, Iran with Turkey’s PM

On the final leg of his Middle East tour, Cheney continues to talk about the threat posed by Tehran’s nuclear program. In effect he’s trying to drum up support for a U.S. led strike on Iran

The war endures, but where’s the media?

Thanks to paucity of coverage, Iraq is almost becoming a forgotten war and there are days when it’s barely mentioned in the mainstream media

Militias and Death Squads

The Occupation Strategy to Divide Iraq

“Protocols Have Been Fulfilled!”

Brother Nathanael Kapner, a Jewish convert to Christianity explains how the Protocols of the Elders Zion are being fulfilled

Cheney’s “peace” trip to Middle East prepares new wars

The threatened “unwinding” of the U.S. economy has done nothing to lessen the belligerence of that faction of the elite for which Cheney speaks. If anything its only aggravated it

Pakistan’s New "Chosen" Prime Minister

Pakistan’s New “Chosen” Prime Minister

A correspondent reports from Islamabad that Pakistan’s new prime minister appears to be a man with a high libido

Barak: All options should be weighed on Iran

This is heading one way

With friends like these

Europe covers its eyes and automatically falls in line with the U.S. and its blind support for Israel and its boycott of Gaza

How Ireland exorcised the ghost of empire

On the anniversary of the Easter Uprising in Dublin, Robert Fisk writes that Irish men and women must count themselves lucky that they stayed out of the “war on terror”

Netanyahu: If we leave Jerusalem, Iran and Hamas will take control

Israel’s opposition leader meets with U.S. Vice President Cheney to discuss the need to “remove” the Iranian threat