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Rigged Trials at Gitmo

A key official has revealed that the trials at of the Guantánamo detainees – including that of alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed – have been rigged from the outset

Hungarian Jews called to register for class action

Another lawsuit seeking reparations for Holocaust survivors and their offspring is in the works. However Germany won’t be expected to foot the bill but Britain and America. The reason? They didn’t bomb railway bridges to Auschwitz

Heathrow plane crash ‘not mechanical failure’

Even though they have ruled out mechanical failure as being behind the crash of a Boeing 777 at Heathrow recently, investigators have failed to reveal the real cause. Have they been instructed not to?

Bush Warns of Terror “That Will Make Sept. 11 Pale By Comparison.”

Does he know something we don’t? Like the way air defences over New York seemed absent on 9/11, almost as if they had been stood down. Or the way some members of the Bush administration appeared to have foreknowledge of what was coming

African AIDS and US Bull….

George Bush is on his last legacy lap

Mughniyeh’s Death a Harbinger for War

Taking out Mughniyeh was a crucial move in the US-Israeli effort to contain Hezbollah, but it was also a reckless one

Iran, Russia sign MOU to synchronize power grids

In a sign of growing cooperation between the two, Tehran has signed a Memorandum Of Understanding with Moscow to bring into line both nations power grids

The Israeli army kills a 10 year old boy in central Gaza

It’s happening again. A new Holocaust, incremental and by degrees: the Palestinian Holocaust – perpetrated by a nation founded on the ashes of the last. The latest innocent victim: a 10-year-old Palestinian boy

“They were all in on it”

Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed had his day in court Monday and ripped into the British establishment, describing the royal family as a “Dracula family”

I’ve Got an Excedrin Holocaust Headache

Smoking Mirrors on the Holocaust Industry and how an eerily prophetic quote from Baruch Levy to Karl Marx has been fulfilled

How the Spooks Took Over the News

An edited extract from “Flat Earth News: an award-winning reporter exposes falsehood, distortion and propaganda in the global media”

German intellectuals: Israel’s creation made Palestinians victims of Holocaust

Talk about guilt complexes!!

Sources: Israel deploys Patriot missiles, fearing Hezbollah strike

Originally designed to intercept aircraft, Israeli media reported their role in the current crisis would be to shoot down bomb-laden pilotless planes as well as rockets

Ex-ISI chief foresees Iran-like revolution in Pak

“If Musharraf does not step down,” says the former head of Pakistan’s powerful Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), “We may have to think (about forcibly removing him)”

“You are all Dead Ducks”

Bernanke’s State of the Economy Speech

The fall of the Dollar Empire

America’s economic woes: the view from Tehran

Sexual Liberation Is About Slavery

If you thought the sexual revolution had ‘freed’ us think again. Henry Makow on how our most fundamental impulse has been used and abused

Hezbollah will soon destroy Israel, says Iran Guards

Tension between Israel and Iran continues to build in the wake of Imad Moughniyah’s death

Dollar Sales by Japanese Investors Reach Record High

Japanese investors “do not seem to believe in the U.S. economic recovery later this year at all,” says Yuji Kameoka, a senior economist and currency analyst at Daiwa Institute of Research, “They are expecting the dollar will head south”

‘Contradictions, Lies, and Exaggerations’ in Number Killed in ‘Jewish Holocaust’

Extracts from an interview with Professor Norman Finkelstein