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Obama lays out plan for confronting Iran

Barck Obama talks about how Iran poses the “gravest threat” today and his commitment to Israel

Iran will start rebuilding Baghdad soon: Tehran mayor

Remember, Ahmadinejad was once mayor of Tehran

India test launches submarine-based missile

“The test was a success,” a spokesman said

Ex-SAS soldier’s rendition claims

Despite official denials, a former SAS soldier claims British Special Forces are “deeply involved” in the process, in which US forces have transported terror suspects around the world for interrogation

Your World and Colony Collapse Disorder

It’s not just the bees who are experiencing Colony Collapse Disorder. It’s happening on many levels and there is no telling where we will be left once critical mass occurs. We are in a very uncertain state

Repaying the Puppet Masters

Every punitive step taken to render collective punishment upon the Palestinians, every move made to incite war in Lebanon, or Syria, or Iran, deadens Americans’ hearts to a rapidly failing friendship between America and Israel

Our Friends Are Trying To Tell Us Something

America’s allies have been trying to tell them something since 9/11 but many Americans don’t want to hear

The Hidden Tyranny Part I

This is a damming indictment. Amongst other things Rosenthal says: Americans “have no guts and the Jews sneer at their stupidity”. And “We Jews continue to be amazed with the ease by which Christian Americans have fallen into our hands”

The Hidden Tyranny Part II

“Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer” – Harold Wallace Rosenthal

Willie Brown got low-key early warning about air travel

David Irving may have the answer to the question posed above

Who Warned Willie Brown?

The day after the 9/11 attacks, San Francisco mayor Willie Brown revealed that he had been warned not to fly hours before the first attacks. Earlier this month, Brown was confronted and questioned by some 9/11 Truthers about the warning

Canada, U.S. Agree To Use Each Other’s Troops In Civil Emergencies

A new agreement between the U.S. and Canadian militaries has been greeted with suspicion by the left wing in Canada and the right wing in the U.S.

Hope Steffey's 'Abu Ghraib' Treatment at the Stark County Jail

Hope Steffey’s ‘Abu Ghraib’ Treatment at the Stark County Jail

Abu Ghraib was only a trial run; the same twisted authoritarian approved brutality is coming to a jail near you. As Hope Steffey recently discovered in an Ohio County jail

France and Gulf allies in war games amid Iran tensions

Last month, U.S. naval vessels and Iranian speed boats came close to opening fire on each other in the Gulf. Now France is adding to the tension by conducting war games in the region

Shoppers warned bigger bills on way

The global economy, say experts is “at the beginning of a period in which consumer will face higher food prices”

Hezbollah and the ‘Unknown Knowns’

The assassination of Mugniyah was not merely an opportunity to boast over a classic Mossad operation. It was a major ingredient in a larger scheme, the end result of which may be war with both Lebanon and Syria – with the hope of getting Iran involved

Iran's great missile leap

Iran’s great missile leap

James T. Hackett on Iran’s efforts to launch a sattellite – which may also be a cover for a program to develop an inter-continental ballistic missle

Dubai ruler fund shuns U.S.; eyes India, China instead

Another sign of the dollars – and America’s – decline

The Bonfire of Capital

When credit shrinks on a national scale – as it is – so does the economy. It’ a simple formula; less money means less economic activity, less growth, fewer jobs, tighter budgets and more pain

South Africa – A Wounded Nation

A once bountiful land appears to be heading down the same road as Zimbabwe