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Two Jewish Jokes (and a Hain in the Middle)

Jewish humor and a revealing insight into the scandal which forced the resignation of Works and Pensions Secretary Peter Hain

Breakout from Ghetto Gaza

My grandfather died of hunger and exhaustion in 1942 in the ghetto of Stanislaw. The Germans and their Ukrainian quislings did to Jews what the Jews did to Gazans: they gathered them in the ghetto, and left them to starve there

Forbes Says U.S. Dollar Policy Amounts to `Zimbabwe Economics’

Is this where the “American dream” ultimately ends?

Obama Reaffirms his Support for Israel

With Obama’s landslide in the South Carolina primary, a reminder of what he has pledged to support. Because last week he urged the UN either to condemn Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel or remain silent about events in Gaza

Orwell rolls in his grave (part 1)

Media insiders and observers talk about the growing power of the corporate media to shape and manipulate the way we see events

Going bankrupt: The US’s greatest threat

The biggest single threat facing America isn’t terrorism or fundamentalist Islam, it is the consequences of its own ruinous financial policies

Cartel Time: “Gas OPEC” May Appear

Among others the proposed group would include Russia, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia and Venezuela

Israeli minister: All options against Iran on table

Strange, Israel’s Transportation Minister is now echoing George Bush and Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz almost exactly. Do they have the same speech writers or have they agreed on an implied threat of a nuclear strike?

Hamas ‘spent months cutting through Gaza wall in secret operation’

However it is presented, the wall is increasingly seen as a symbol of Israeli oppression

Foreclosures Prompt Cities to Make Plea for Aid

America’s decline is underway and this website believes the day’s not far off when the whole country will look little better than New Orleans after Katrina

The Long Fuse to the Iraq War

They Knew They Were Right: The Rise of the Neocons by Jacob Heilbrunn

How They Control The World

How They Control The World

Our political life is essentially an illusion. Henry Makow illustrates precisely how

A lesson in how to create Iraqi orphans.

And then how to make life worse for them

UK ID card roll-out ‘delayed until after election’

“The scheme will be rolled out incrementally” says a spokesman. Which is another way of saying it will be implemented quietly – so as not to alarm a wary public

Soros Sees End of Dollar-Backed Credit Expansion

“The rest of the world is increasingly unwilling to accumulate dollars”, says billionaire George Soros

Heartless in Gaza; Break-dancing Among the Dead.

There is something very, very bad festering in the state of Israel and it is plaguing the whole world in one way or another

The Voice of the White House January 21, 2008

A former marine and military historian at the Pentagon explains why Iran’s small boats are such a big problem

Iran confident of no attack, can survive sanctions

With the West’s stance playing directly into Ahmadinejad’s hands on the eve of Iran’s March parliamentary elections

The day Gaza’s Berlin Wall came down

Palestinians greet its demolition with joy, the Israelis with criticism and apprehension

Market Turmoil Continues

With no immediate end in sight