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Operation Paperclip and Werner Von Braun

He was seized in a race against time with the Russians and spirited back to the U.S. where he went on to lay the foundations of modern space research

Will Nobody Bring Christmas Cheer to the Besieged and Starving in Gaza?

As in America, Britain has its own pro-Israeli lobby weilding considerable influence. However, a group has formed to counter Zionist influence over UK foriegn policy

Iran to seek bids for 19 atomic power plants: MP

Tehran effectively upped the ante in its stand off with the West on Monday

Russia Helps Iran Keep Balance of Power

The U.S. intelligence report indicating Iran’s closure of its military nuclear program has put the expected clash with Iran on hold. Russia is clearly taking advantage of the situation to sell as many weapons to Iran as possible

Dollar’s Decline is Felt Around the World

The dominant currency for most of the last century, the declining dollar is having an impact across the globe

Who runs American Politics?

Who runs American Politics?

In reality it isn’t decided by American voters

WTC 7 Free Fall Collapse

A purely scientific analysis of the collapse of WTC7 concludes that it had all the characteristics of a “controlled demolition”

59 things that would have stayed secret

What they didn’t want you to know: a list of intriguing facts disinterred by the Freedom of Information Act

How Wealthy is Vladimir Putin?

Officially he’s a man of modest means. But unofficially he may rank alongside the richest oligarchs

From The American Gulag: Christian Witness at Christmas

This is an excerpt from Fritz Springmeier’s testimony to fellow prisoners at a federal penitentiary in Oregon. He sent it to Henry Makow in November. Springmeier is the pioneer researcher on the Illuminati who is now in jail after apparently being framed

Iran’s Jews reject cash offer to move to Israel

Dismissing cash incentives to move to Israel as “immature political enticements”, Iranian Jewish community leaders have reaffirmed their loyalty to their “Iranian identity and culture”

Israel upholds use of cluster bombs

Israel has described the 4 million cluster bomblets, which it dropped on Lebanon during its war with Hezbollah and which have killed and injured numerous innocents, as a “concrete military necessity”. Despite the fact that Israel effectively lost the war

FBI to collect biometric information on Britons

Many are already reluctant to travel to the U.S. because of the additional burden placed on travellers by “anti-terror” procedures. This is yet another reason to avoid visiting America altogether

US Soldiers Stage Mutiny in Baghdad

Discontent simmers among U.S. troops in Baghdad as casualties mount

Estulin: Neo-Cons Behind Potential Hit On Ron Paul

Ron Paul’s mounting support has the neocons so worried that they are now reportedly considering his assassination

Atlas Shrugs: John Hagee’s Fiery Speech AIPAC Part I

Proof if any were needed that there is very little genuine Christianity in “Christian Zionism” but stacks of Zionism

The Dark Cloud of Al Ciada

By taking just a 10-minute digital recording of a subject’s voice, scientists have been able to clone speech patterns and develop accurate facsimiles. Is this how the Al Qaeda tapes have been created?

Beam Me Up Scotty, I’m a Palestinian!

Professor Hesham Tillawi on how Scott Ritter’s recent article on Israel is an exercise in butt kissing and political prostitution

Taser, Taser, Taser. . .

Almost every week now we hear new stories about ordinary people being tasered for some trifling offence

The US Dollar: The Long Farewell?

For the majority of Americans who do not travel abroad, the only visible effect so far of the dollar’s steep fall has been higher fuel prices at the pump. But that may be about to change