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Voice of the White House November 26, 2007

A White House insider on the reaction to Cheney’s heart problems among White House staff

Iran produces new missile capable of reaching Israel and U.S. bases

Named the Ashoura, meaning “the tenth day” in Farsi, a sacred reference among Shiite Muslims to the martyrdom of the third imam

SSPX Catholic bishop: 9-11 was inside job

Word is spreading

U.S. Tells Iran: Become a Nuclear Power

In the 1970’s American was urging Iran to develop nuclear power because, its told its one-time ally, Iran would eventually run out of oil

Iran says it plans major gulf naval exercise

Iran will be using the exercises to parade a new homebuilt diesal-electric attack submarine and, possibly, a new destroyer too

Sarkozy was ex-Mossad secret agent

More reports from the Iranian press about “Sarko the Sayan”

Goddamn the Pusher Man!

CNN’s Armanpour is now going after Vladimir Putin, painting him as the same sort of implied scoundrel that Chavez and Ahmanedijad are supposed to be. All of them have oil. Guess who wants that oil?

Step Right Up, It’s Time For Cirque de Bush at Annapolis!

Get your bag of popcorn and your can of soda, and take a seat in the peanut gallery. Here come the clowns!

Eighty police hurt in second night of Paris riots

French police describe rioters as using “veritable urban guerilla tactics”

Consequences of a forced regime change in Iran

And who is most likely to benefit

The Real Two-state Solution

Now 19, my daughter has seen our Palestinian neighbors only on TV, and views them as aliens. She is much more familiar with American brand names and sitcom characters than with the people who live 15 miles east of her Tel Aviv home

Iran: The uninvited guest a peace summit

The Arab-Israeli peace summit is ostensibly meant to resolve the Palestinian issue. However, Israeli newspaper Haaretz has charged that the summit’s real goal is the formation of a “global coalition against Iran”

The Jewish Laundry of Drug Money

– as revealed by major Israeli Newspaper “Maariv”!

Putin asks strategic nuclear forces to ‘be ready’

The Russian president warns Russia will not remain impassive in the face of NATO’s “muscle flexing”

Start Your Sunday with a Good Laugh

Real headlines that are genuinely funny

The World of Illuminati “Make-Believe” (Encore)

Henry Makow Ph.D. examines one of the Illuminati’s principle means of control, the power of illusion

The Illuminati Chronicles Part 1

A historical countdown to the New World Order

The Illuminati Chronicles Part II

 A Short History of the New World Order Part II By Aug. 10, 1973 – David Rockefeller writes an article for the “New York Times” describing his recent visit to Red China: “Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also […]

A 9/11 bombshell

From his Turkish jail, a senior terrorist claims a key role in 9/11

School to track pupils with radio chips sewn into their uniforms

Wonder why attempts to introduce new methods and means of surveillance keep targeting children? It’s to get them used to the idea of being under total surveillance 24 hours a day at an age when they are too young to protest