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Green Zone Follies October 25, 2007

The brass here thinks it is about time that Bush be arrested and removed, writes a Green Zone insider

The Root Problem: Illuminati or Jews?

Henry Makow examines the work of a pioneer researcher into the Illluminati, Fritz Springmeier, who is currently doing time on trumped up charges

Royal targeted in sex and drugs blackmail plot

London’s press reports an unnamed member of the Royal family was blackmailed after being videod in a sex act and who allegedly supplied an aide with an envelope containing cocaine. The question is: who? We have our suspicions

US soldiers shy from battle in Iraq

Iraq war veterans now stationed at a base here in upstate New York say that morale among US soldiers in the country is so poor, many are simply parking their Humvees and pretending to be on patrol, a practice dubbed “search and avoid” missions

Revealed: Poisoned ex-Russian spy Litvinenko WAS a paid-up MI6 agent

Recruited by Sir John Scarlett, named by former MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson in his affidavit on Princess Diana’s death

Asian Countries Dumping Their Dollars

Benjamin Fulford reports for Iranian Press TV news

European governments arming police with “non-lethal weapons”

As the number of those injured and killed by Tasers climbs, European governments are increasingly considering the use of other “non-lethal” weapons to tackle “rebellious people”, including lasers that temporarily blind

Furl the flag

Furl the flag

Gamal Nkrumah reflects on a bad week for France’s president – now otherwise known as ‘Sarko the Sayan’

Socialite named as royal sex and drugs ‘blackmailer’

The alleged blackmailers are said to have contacted 3 national newspapers in a bid to sell the tapes earlier this year. None of them were interested but one notified the Royal Household. In other words, the press are now protecting royalty

Nigeria: I Agree With Dr Watson

Nobel Laureate Dr James Watson’s comments on the intelligence differential between races recently sparked an outcry: as much, perhaps even more so among white liberals than blacks. Idang Alibi reflects on the controversy

Iran War Drumbeat Grows Louder

Tehran and Washington are now engaged in a game of geopolitical chicken, which favors hard-liners on both sides, making compromise more difficult, escalation more likely and war — by accident, if not by design — a greater possibility than before

NATO has lost in Afghanistan says former UN envoy to Bosnia

‘Success is now unlikely,’ said Paddy Ashdown, as he warns that the implications of failure are wider than in Iraq

Cheney’s Plan for Iran Attack Starts With Israeli Missile Strike

Which will provoke an Iranian retaliation which will in turn open the door for direct U.S. military intervention

Diana Sensation: ‘I Saw Hitmen Cause Crash’

Diana Sensation: ‘I Saw Hitmen Cause Crash’

A witness to Princess Diana’s fatal crash says he thought he had witnessed a gangland killing when he saw a motorcyclist inspect the wreckage after her car crashed

Iran's Guards: We are ready for war

Iran’s Guards: We are ready for war

Yes, but is the American public?

US hits Iran with toughest penalties since 1979 siege

Reminiscent of the run-up to the US led invasion of Iraq, Vladimir Putin called the new US sanctions the work of a “madman with a razor blade in his hand”

Campbell, that dodgy dossier and the lies that cost David Kelly his life

In the weeks before he was discovered dead in a wood in Oxfordshire on Friday, July 18, 2003, Dr David Kelly was treated as a pawn in the Government’s game

Ecuador wants military base in Miami

Ecuador’s leftist President Rafael Correa, an ally of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, said Washington must let him open a military base in Miami if the United States wants to keep using an air base on Ecuador’s Pacific coast

Livni behind closed doors: Iran nukes pose little threat to Israel

Israel’s Foreign Minister has revealed that she doesn’t believe Iran’s nuclear program poses an existential threat to the Zionist state. Adding that Prime Minister Olmert is playing on the public’s most basic fear

Does the Bionic Woman Menstruate?

From Denmark to the Black projects of Washington DC the story is the same. Readers write to Henry Makow describing how a new breed of woman is emerging: lonely, confused and desperate – perfect drones for a New World Order