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Oz cops blame UK for wrong info

In the wake of the collapse of the case against Indian doctor Mohammed Haneef, now absolved of terror charges in connection to the failed UK car bombings, Australian police are now blaming faulty intelligence from UK authorities

Wikipedia and the Intelligence Services

Is the Net’s popular encyclopedia marred by disinformation?

Our Congratulations to the People of Turkey

The election victory of the Islamic Party is a victory for the whole world, writes Israel Shamir. For an Islamic Turkey won’t help the US in its impending attack on Iran, hopefully thereby squashing the invasion plans

Stevens to be quizzed over Diana driver ‘drunk’ discrepancies

Lord Stevens who headed British investigation into Princess Diana’s death is to be called to account for what have been described as “gross discrepancies” in the inquiry

Three British soldiers dead in a week: the bloody Battle of Kajaki Dam

With a total of 29 Nato troops killed this month, the commander of Britain’s armed forces hints that more troops might be needed

Voice of the White House July 27, 2007

A Beltway insider on how Mossad knew in detail about the projected attacks on 9/11, passed this information to their people, the CIA and directly to Cheney. None of this was passed on to Bush however, as Cheney considers him to be a “weak sister”

Why my landlord is expecting the worst

I returned home to Beirut this week to find my landlord, Mustafa, welding an armoured door on to the entrance of his ground-floor flat

Australian Federal Police drops charges against Haneef

As expected and now this item will probably recieve minimal media coverage in the UK

Rumsfeld Helped Al Qaeda Establish a Stronghold in Northwestern Pakistan

In much the same way as it once armed and equipped Saddam Hussein, the US is now considering sending forces to north western Pakistan, to an Al Qaeda safe haven that the US was instrumental in setting up

Greg Palast, the left wing of the Lobby

He’s been called a “Chomsky for Dummies” and “a slim Michael Moore” He’s also emerged as an apologist for the Zionists and an accuser of greedy WASPs and Arabs. Israel Shamir investigates how Greg Palast may not be all he seems

How Truth Slips Down the Memory Hole

It is 80 years since Edward Bernays, the father of public relations, predicted a pervasive “invisible government” of corporate spin, suppression and silence as the true ruling power in the United States. That is true today on both sides of the Atlantic

The Bush-Cheney Oil War

Under proposed new hydrocarbon laws the Bush administration wants the Iraqi parliament to pass, Iraq’s massive oil reserves will be placed in the hands of British and American oil giants for decades to come

Norwegian UFO-mystery solved?

Norwegian scientists claim they are nearing a solution to the Hessdalen UFO-mystery which has puzzled experts for more than 25 years. But despite these claims, they still don’t what causes the phenomenon

Rothschild dynasty unites after 190 years

A report where we catch the reporter trying to embellish the Rothschild’s reputation and cover some of their darker deeds

“Terror” Fraud

Indications that a crackdown, ostensibly to fight “terror” and help “stabilise” the situation in Iraq, may be imminent

Australian government’s “terrorist” case against Dr Haneef unravels

The leaking of a transcript of police questioning doctor Mohamed Haneef has seriously undermined attempts to portray him as a “terrorist”, despite his links to “terror” suspects being held in the UK – where this story has received zero coverage

Leaks don’t need fixing

Leaks says the Australian, are the good oil that helps ensure democracy’s wheels do not completely seize. Like the transcript of Austrailian police interveiw with Dr Mohamed Haneef, which expose his detention for the stitch-up it is

Doctor denies role in car bomb attacks

In the leaked interveiw Mohamed Haneef says he tried to contact British police after learning that his mobile phone SIM card had been linked to the June attacks, but his calls went unanswered

Chinese Navy to build two carriers with Russian help – agency

Although it is only expected to be officially announced after the opening of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China is reported to be planning to build two aircraft carriers

‘Cannabis doubles psychosis risk’

Despite earlier claims that it was no more harmful than alcohol, new studies have found clear evidence linking cannabis with serious psychotic illnesses