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RFID Used To Track 2,500 London Dome Staff

With the best of intentions, of course

How can Blair possibly be given this job?

I suppose that astonishment is not the word for it. Stupefaction comes to mind

A university run by the Lobby

How the pro-Israeli lobby controls U.S. educational appointments and thereby shapes the way Americans perceive things

Spies, Lies And Whistleblowers

When an illegal war can be launched on the basis of flawed evidence, when people in the UK can be detained without trial on the word of corrupt intelligence agents, a former MI5 officer reveals the rot within Britain’s security establishment

Iraqis to Bush: “You have left us with nothing”

“Never had I fathomed, not even in my remotest imagination, that a day will come when God’s houses will be attacked and destroyed. The way they are today, in Iraq… Never”

Report: IAF preparing for Iran strike

Just as the USS Enterprise CVN 65-Big E Strike Group, the US Navy’s largest air carrier, joins the USS Stennis and the USS Nimitz, building up the largest sea, air, marine concentration the United States has ever deployed in the Persian Gulf

‘Mile-wide UFO’ spotted by British airline pilot

Alien spacecraft or top secret military project?

Opponents of EU Treaty Accused of Being … ‘Terrorists’

“It is psychological terrorism for critics of the EU to suggest the spectre of a European superstate” – Italian President Giorgio Napolitano

Smoking Gun: Rumsfeld ordered torture

Janis Karpinski, former head of Abu Ghraib prison, has told a Spanish newspaper that she is willing to testify that Rumsfeld “personally authorized” torture at Abu Ghraib

Is Bin Laden Still Alive and Living in the U.S.?

Is Bin Laden Still Alive and Living in the U.S.?

No seriously, this is not a trick question

Father Of The French Rothschilds Dies

A few days old but still significant although it plays down the family’s political influence

The Voice of the White House June 18, 2007

A Beltway insider reports that a highly classified report sent by the Pentagon to the White House puts the unreported death toll among US service personnel in the ‘War on Terror’ at over 20,000

Those who denied poll result were the real coup plotters

It was a good election, as former US President Jimmy Carter observed at the time, a free, fair and accurate expression of the desires of a Palestinian people. Only one problem: the wrong party won

Petraeus hints Iraq “surge” may be needed longer

As expected, the surge has only just begun

Honour for official at centre of Kelly row

‘He is the latest in a long line of officials implicated in the Kelly controversy to be rewarded with an honour by the Government.’ Just natural career progressions? You decide…..

Lieberman Repeats Calls For Military Action In Iran

By now it should be becoming obvious to even the most obtuse who is really calling the shots in America’s Middle East policy, and it’s not the American people

The Battle of Gaza

In less than 24 hours of fierce street-fighting, Bush’s proxy-army in Gaza was routed by armed units of Hamas. It was a stunning defeat for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and for US-Israeli policymakers who have done everything to overthrow Hamas

Hit Movie Exposes Hollywood’s Luciferian Game

I used to be a Luciferian Jewish dupe so I understand their mentality, writes Henry Makow as he looks at the hidden agenda behind ‘Knocked Up’

A cry for justice from a good man who expected us to protect his son

We will leave Iraq with all our dreams in pieces, and it will be left to Iraqis themselves – men like Daoud Mousa, carrying the grief of his son’s death with him for ever – to create a new country out of the pain and sorrow we leave behind for them

9/11 Disappearing explosions

Police, firemen and people on the street reported them. Even network news anchors reported them. Later that day, reports of multiple explosions inside the WTC stopped and were never repeated. Here are the explosions that the mainstream media made go away