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America’s fortress embassy

Covering 104 acres and costing estimated £300 million, the Vatican-sized bomb-proof structure is concrete evidence that America never had an “exit strategy” from Iraq

Israel’s Next War

An officer who acts like a drunken Cossak against stone-throwing children, as seen on TV this week, cannot lead soldiers in real war. That is one of the most important lessons of Lebanon War II: the occupation has corrupted the Israeli army to the core

Forty black uniformed foreign cops reported at Virginia truck stop on I-81

Policemen or soldiers, they definitely weren’t American and when asked what they were doing one replied with a heavy accent: “It’s classified and it’s none of your business”

Heaven and Hell

In December, 1943, George Ritchie died of pneumonia. Nine minutes later, miraculously and unaccountably, he returned to life to tell of his experience of the afterlife. His Near Death Experience was to open the way for many more to be told

Jack Abramoff Part 4: “Confidence Men” and Shell Games

Jack Abramoff’s case highlights how big money, political influence and organised crime are often inextricably linked in modern America. Brief slideshow overview

Britain seeks Russian suspect’s extradition for Litvinenko murder

But Russia may be unwilling to comply

A front-row seat for this Lebanese tragedy

There is something obscene about watching the siege of Nahr el-Bared, writes Robert Fisk as he reports first-hand from a troubled northern Lebanon

Al Qaeda Aligned Lebanese Group A False Flag Operation?

The new “Al Qaeda” aligned group may not be all it’s claimed to be but it gives the US and its NATO allies a pretext to take control of Kleiaat airbase in northern Lebanon

U.S. Allows Radioactive Materials in Ordinary Landfills

The U.S. government is not only poisoning Iraqis with Depleted Uranium, it’s also helping to poison ordinary Americans with radioactive waste

Green Zone Follies May 16, 2007

According to Green Zone insider, the general feeling among many US officers and even the men, is that Israel wanted Iraq invaded and Bush and Congress went right along. Which explains a vicious attack on Israeli ‘military representative’ recently

Darwinists Squirm Under Spotlight

Darwinism is a religion in the name of science, says Phillip E. Johnson. And that means that it is misleading people about both religion and science

All Is Not As It Seems

All Is Not As It Seems

Regular readers will recall that on 7/7 security consultants ran an exercise simulating a terror attack on London’s transport system – exactly as happened that day. Now a reader has taken photos of what maybe preparations for a similar exercise

Scores dead as Lebanese army battles Islamists

Not since the war – yes, the Lebanese civil war that we are all still trying to forget – have I heard this many bullets cracking across the streets of a Lebanese city. Robert Fisk reports first hand from a troubled Lebanon

Iraq bombings leave 7 U.S. soldiers dead

Meanwhile, the continued support of U.S. is uncertain as Sunni VP speaks out against oil plan

Clean energy claim: Aluminum in your car tank

Professor says Energy Department ‘egos’ blocking hydrogen breakthrough


Is Dick Cheney being blackmailed?

Voice of the White House May 17, 2007

The hoped-for invasion, or at least attack, on Iran is not going to happen. It’s not that there is not a will but there is not a way

PsyOp: GM Ad Castrates Men using Feminism

PsyOp: GM Ad Castrates Men using Feminism

Time was when the Cadillac was the ultimate masculine status symbol. Not anymore. A recent Cadillac commercial presents it a a symbol of male subjugation

Organic Beekeepers Report No Losses

Our mainstream media may never report this, but organic beekeepers are not experiencing the “colony collapse syndrome”….

Top 25 Censored Stories of 2007

Project Censored lists what it considers the twenty-five most censored stories from the past year