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The plan is US-NATO military bases in Tripoli-Lebanon

The plan is US-NATO military bases in Tripoli-Lebanon

Evidence is building that the Sunni extremists in Lebanon may not be all that the western media claims. Like many other groups of “Islamic extremists”, they may in fact be the creation of western Intelligence for their own purposes

Children of the dust

As the Israeli army attempts to imprison an entire nation, it is the youngest who suffer most. Half of all Palestinians killed in the past six years are children

Every Young Man’s Battle

Pornography is a thriving business, one that entraps many young men in its thrall. Some advice on overcoming temptation

Neocon update

The Zionist tail continues to wag the American conservative dog

So Who Is Gordon Brown? Blair and New Labour on Steroids

Gordon Brown celebrates, what he calls, a “New World Order” (ie Global Government) numerous times referring to what “somebody” said back in 1990. That “somebody” was none other than George Herbert Walker Bush

Air War Over America

Published by the U.S. Air Force a year BEFORE the release of the 9/11 Commission report, Mark Gaffney discovers some inconsistancies and contradictions between the Air Force’s account of events on 9/11 and the Commission’s findings

Hezbollah backs Lebanon army in standoff

Recieving minimal coverage in the Western news media

Bush could double force by Christmas

The ‘surge’ has only just begun. Plans are on track to nearly double the number of US combat troops in Iraq

Hell, No – I Won’t Go!!!

“Leave there. Leave there now. You don’t have a lot more time…” Thus went a recent email from an expatriate American correspondent, writing from his new home of many years in Moscow, Russia

Where have all the viewers gone?

Across the board newspaper sales are falling, so too are television viewer figures. Nobody is saying as much yet, but the mainstream media’s power of persuasion is in decline. Diminished, to some extent, by the burgeoning influence of the Internet

Innocent victims caught up in a war of endless revenge

Robert Fisk reports from the Nahr el-Bared refugee camp, northern Lebanon

The Dialectic of Negation

In the name of ‘Democracy’, Coca-Cola and ‘Human Rights’ Israeli lobbies were and still are promoting the whipping of country after country

Russia did not approve arms sale via Syria to Iran – Ivanov

Russia did not approve arms sale via Syria to Iran – Ivanov

Iran continues to build-up its defences. Now it’s acquiring Russia’s state-of-the-art and highly sought after Pantsyr-S1 air defence system – without Russian approval

Bush administration arranged support for militants attacking Lebanon

According to Seymour Hersch, since Israel lost to them last summer, “the fear of Hezbollah in Washington, particularly in the White House, is acute.” So now the U.S. is covertly backing Sunni militants to counter the growing power of the Shia Hezbollah

Voice of the White House May 21, 2007

The War on Terror has taken its toll on US manpower. Now, unscrupulous recruiters are making up for losses caused by death, injury, desertion, suicide and mental collapse by enlisting mental defectives, drug addicts, gang members and outright criminals

Honda warns Britain over reluctance to join euro

Japanese automaker Honda has ruled out further investment in its British plant because of London’s refusal to join the single European currency. In interviews with British newspapers, Honda president Takeo Fukui described the automaker’s past investment in its plant in Swindon in as “a mistake”. “We thought the UK was in Europe but its reluctance […]

What Makes Black Ops Legal?

“Hello police? I want to report a possible crime in the White House. Oh, it’s out of your jurisdiction? Whom can I call to report this? Nobody? Oh, this is America and there is no place to report crimes committed by the President”

The Scent of Terror

The method was frequently used by the Stasi secret police in communist East Germany. Now German authorities are doing the same to trace activists who, they say, may try to disrupt the G8 summit in June

The road to Jerusalem (via Lebanon)

Inspired by al-Qa’ida, a hitherto little-known militant group is behind the outbreak of bloody violence which has left scores dead

Blair’s fatal attraction

Had Tony Blair quit office on Sept. 10, 2001, he would have been remembered as one of Britain’s finest prime ministers. But then came Blair’s undoing, his fatal attraction to U.S. President George Bush’s war policies