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Tucker Heads For Istanbul

The chase is on as veteran Bilderberg watcher James P. Tucker prepares to fly out to Istanbul to report on the latest shadowy gathering

Faith or Doctors? You Choose

Dr Lorraine Day trained as an orthopaedic surgeon and was head of the department in San Francisco General. Now however she has turned to natural remedies after having developed cancer: “I gave myself cancer”, she concludes

Oprah in OPT?

Oprah in OPT?

The queen of American talk shows will be visiting Israel soon on a “solidarity” visit. Eileen Fleming wonders if she will also stand in solidarity with the non-violent resisters to Israeli occupation?

A Soul Bared

From being a 20-year-old no-hoper with no self-esteem, David Oakford was transformed after he was shown another world and his real destiny

Nato helicopter goes down in Afghanistan

Claiming the lives of a Briton, 5 Americans and a Canadian

Welcome to the Lunatic Fringe

With a list of attendees at this year’s Bilderberg meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, May 31 – June 3

5 Britons Kidnapped; 10 GIs Die in Iraq

Gunmen in police uniforms and driving vehicles used by security forces kidnapped five Britons from an Iraqi Finance Ministry office Tuesday, and a senior Iraqi official said the radical Shiite Mahdi Army militia was suspected. Compounding the fresh evidence of chaos in Iraq, the U.S. military announced that a total of 10 American soldiers were […]

The Infamous “al Qaeda Linked” Terrorists = 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

All one has to do in order to tag someone with a link to al Qaeda is to apply the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon or A=KB-6 equation. When you use that equation it does not take much to qualify for being linked to al Qaeda

Russia hits target in ICBM debut test

Russia announced Tuesday that it had successfully tested a new multiple warhead ballistic missile designed to overcome air-defence systems such as the US shield planned for deployment in central Europe

U.S. Government Uses Al-Qaeda To Attack Iran

Bush authorizes group formerly headed by alleged 9/11 mastermind to be bankrolled & armed by CIA for covert regime change

Bush set to name World Bank president

Robert Zoelink, a former US trade representative is likely to be named as replacement for outgoing Paul Wolfowitz as head of the World Bank. However, as one correspondent has pointed out, there is little difference between the two

Blair’s secret stalker squad

In the guise of fighting “terror” the British Government has set up a secretive new unit with the power to hold people without trial, indefinitely

Rosie O’Donnell Speaks About 9/11

Rosie O’Donnell educates the audience and members of The View between tapings about the basement bombs that exploded in the WTC before the first plane hit, as well as what happened to WTC 7

New Presidential Directive gives Bush Dictatorial Power

Virtually unnoticed by the mainstream media, George Bush signed a new Presidential Directive earlier in May giving himself dictatorial powers in the event of a “catastrophic event”

Blair’s Parting Gift

Tony Blair and Home Secretary John Reid are planning to leave a legacy of tough new “anti-terror” legislation only ever used before in wartime

Voice of the White House May 24, 2007

Pentagon experts now feel that Bush has personally ruined the military, writes a Beltway insider, opening the way for potential mutinies and the murder of officers considered too gung-ho by their men

My grandfather and the ‘Cutty Sark’

In the aftermath of a fire aboard the Cutty Sark, Robert Fisk reflects on his grandfather who ended up as first mate on the legendary clipper

A top Jewish fund-raiser shifts his support to Obama

If money is, as former California Treasurer Jesse Unruh said, the “mother’s milk of politics,” then Alan Solomont is one successful dairyman

U.S. Rushes Military Aid To Lebanon To Battle Insurgents

How long before the U.S. or NATO sends troops or establishes military bases in Lebanon to help counter the “Islamic extremists”? See the following article

The plan is US-NATO military bases in Tripoli-Lebanon

The plan is US-NATO military bases in Tripoli-Lebanon

Evidence is building that the Sunni extremists in Lebanon may not be all that the western media claims. Like many other groups of “Islamic extremists”, they may in fact be the creation of western Intelligence for their own purposes