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Israeli officer sells weapons to terrorists in Iraq

While Coalition forces and Iraqi civilians are killed almost daily, guess who’s profiting from the insurgency in Iraq?

9/11 remains possibly used on roads: court papers

An affidavit filed by family members of those killed in the 9/11 attacks maintains that debris that may have contained the remains of those killed in the World Trade Center may have been used to fill potholes and pave city roads

FOX News Threatens Sheen & Cuban Not to Make Film

Reports that Sheen might narrate a new version of Loose Change have prompted O’Reilly to publically warn against the film’s distribution

The Silent War on the People of India

The Silent War on the People of India

No bombs have been dropped yet but the aggressors have chosen weapons that kill silently, slowly. Together with multinational seeds companies and biotech giants, the US government is working with India’s elite to implement a massive depopulation program

Iran to Try Britons for Espionage

As the United Nations deliberates on sanctions, Iran raises the stakes

Sanctions on Iran may backfire

Far from weakening it, Iran can use sanctions to get out of the Zionist controlled system of global finance

Blackwater: The Shadow Army

In addition to the one hundred and fifty thousand US troops deployed in Iraq, the Bush administration has a further one hundred thousand “private contractors” in the field. Now they are being deployed in the United States too

Voice of the White House March 23, 2007

This week a Beltway insider reports on two financial scandals that are about to break before an unsuspecting America

The crushing fear that stalks America

The country is not at war. It is the US military that is engaged in an Iraqi conflict

$20 Bucks

Use your head for something more than a haircut and try to figure out what really happened at WTC 7

Russians out of Iran nuke site

Russian nuclear experts and technicians are reportedly being pulled from the site of Iran’s nuclear reactor – in anticipation of a US and/or Israeli military strike maybe?

Behind enemy lines with the Taliban of Helmand

Now”, says the aged Ghulam, “it’s worse than when the Russians were here…they never went into our houses. Now the foreigners go into houses, disturb the women and kill innocent people. Do you see my white beard? Still, even I am fighting against them”

Captured British Sailors and Marines Transferred to Tehran

Will they be used as bargaining chips by Iran?

Israel Preparing for War

Although talk of it happening this summer is “unfounded”, Israeli Defense minister Amir Peretz says Israel must prepare for war “on all fronts”

Iran Nabs British Sailors in Iraq Waters

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have seized 15 British sailors and two boats in what British officials claim was Iraqi territorial waters

Iranian Navy begins manoeuvres in Persian Gulf – national TV

Iran embarked on a series of naval exercises Thursday testing new, domestically produced weapons

Pakistan protests mount to oust Musharraf

Figures from all shades of the political spectrum are joining together in calling for the resignation of Pakistan’s Musharraf – a key ally of the West in its “War on Terror”

The Litvinenko radiation poisoning and a mysterious plane crash

Sources report that Tony Blair and key members of his cabinet have been co-opted by the Russian-Israeli mobsters and are being steered in the same way that the Bush administration’s foreign policy is now largely shaped by the Neo-cons for Israel’s benefit

Richard B. Cheney, at AIPAC Conference

“Thank you very much. If Karl Rove finds out about this, he won’t let me out again. (Laughter.) Thank you very much for that warm welcome and, David, let me thank you for the introduction. And let me thank the AIPAC board of directors and the members …”

Ahmadinejad cancels U.N. Security Council visit

Iran’s President Ahmadinejad has cancelled a planned visit to the US to address the United Nations Security Council, blaming a delay in US visas being issued to his flight crew