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In the service of the Jewish state

… a former Nazi officer knowingly employed by Israel

Strikes on Baghdad’s Green Zone on the Rise

On six of the past seven days, rockets or shells have hit the Green Zone, including the sector that houses the increasingly beleaguered U.S. Embassy

WTC Blueprints Leaked by Whistleblower

An insider working for the Silverstein Group has passed on to Prof Steven Jones, founder of Scholars for 911 Truth, detailed architectural diagrams that prove that the official inquiry into the collapse of the WTC towers misrepresented their construction

Here Comes the Flood

The contrast couldn’t have been more telling. Even as Condoleezza Rice announced what she described as ‘great news for the Palestinians and the Israelis’, a water treatment reservoir burst in northern Gaza, drowning 5 Palestinians in sewage

British Historian Denies WWII Gassings

Recently released from prison in Austria, David Irving has been filmed at Auschwitz for an Italian news program

Gulf economies to ‘drop the dollar’

More bad news for the dollar

Defender of Misogynists and Apartheid Israel

Like two former clients of his – OJ Simpson and Claus von Bulow – Alan Dershowitz has some skeletons he hopes remain firmly closeted in his past. Myles O Morales digs up the dirt

UK using ‘fake boundaries’ in Iran dispute – former British envoy

Craig Murray, former British envoy to Uzbekistan has told the Islamic Republic News Agency that Britain was using “fake maritime boundaries” in support of its claim that its naval forces were in Iraqi waters when captured by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

Voice of the White House March 26, 2007

A Beltway insider details more financial shenanigans in an increasingly precarious North American economy

Turk TV quotes Iran saying UK woman to be freed

the one woman among the fifteen British sailors and marines could be released “today or tommorrow”

US launches show of force in Persian Gulf

The US Navy began its largest demonstration of force in the Gulf since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, deploying two aircraft carriers and conducting simulated aerial attacks

Navy Lacks Plan to Defend Against `Carrier-Destroying’ Missile

“This is a carrier-destroying weapon”, said Orville Hanson, who evaluated weapons systems for 38 years with the Navy. “That’s its purpose”. A Pentagon official, speaking on condition of anonymity, added that Russia had also offered the missile to Iran

China shifts to euros for Iran oil

The dollars decline as the world’s pre-eminent currency continues apace

Part 2 of 4: The Illuminati

Tony Blair is rumoured to be a Sovereign Knight of Malta and a 33-degree Freemason as was, it’s said, Winston Churchill before him. This video explores the extent of Masonic penetration of the British political establishment

“The Queen”:Why Movies Lie

The Academy Award-winning “The Queen” is a prime example how we are lulled to sleep with Mother Goose stories

Excerpt From The Transformation of America

Excerpt From The Transformation of America

Cathy O’Brien’s accusations about Hilary Clinton have been around for a while but considering that Hilary is being lined up for a run at the White House, a reminder is in order

Dead In The Water – The Sinking of the USS Liberty

Thanks to the U.S. Israel has become the dominant power in the Middle East. In 1967 however, at the height of the six-day War, Israel committed a heinous act of treachery. Or as it says, a terrible mistake was made: it attacked the USS Liberty

AIPAC and Anti-Gentile Racism

Do not be cowed. When AIPAC accuses critics of anti-Semitism, raise the issue of anti-Gentile racism

Gang mayhem grips LA

A bloody conflict between Hispanic and black gangs is spreading across Los Angeles with the potential to ethnically cleanse whole neighbourhoods

Hillary “Big Sister” Video Shills Neolib Obama

Barack Obama, a Harvard graduate billed as the “rising star of the Democratic Party,” will not save us from Big Brother as an Internet video suggests. If anything Obama represents the new, freshly scrubbed face of Big Brother, writes Kurt Nimmo