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Terror Suspects Freed

Another familiar story given minimal publicity by our “free press”

Bomb Plot Evidence ‘Immense,’ Police Say

In the face of mounting public scepticism over claims of an alleged plot to bomb US bound airliners, British police spokesman are beginning to sound like bad actors reading from an unconvincing script

The UK Terror plot: what’s really going on?

Regarding the latest UK terror scare, Britain’s former Ambassador to the Republic of Uzbekistan, Craig Murray writes: Be sceptical. Be very, very sceptical

Battle lines are drawn as Israeli allies among Arab regimes meet to coordinate the fight against the Iran-Syria axis

It has been reported that secret meetings have taken place between Israel and Lebanon. Saudi Arabia and Egypt are also reported to have participated in the meetings convened to coordinate a common strategy against Iran and Syria

Holocaust Jew accused of war crimes

The strange case of Solomon Morel reveals Israel’s double standards

Bush sets stage for major escalation in Iraq

Meanwhile, one unnamed senior commander in Iraq described the anticipated deployment of additional US troops as akin to “throwing kerosene on a fire”

Surviving the New World Order

This isn’t about storing silver coins or canned food or getting an AK-47. It’s about saving your soul not your skin, writes Henry Makow Ph.D.

Iran summons US representative over detention of diplomats

A diplomatic flurry has erupted after the US military seized four Iranian diplomats Monday who had been invited by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani

Iran to step up nuclear programme

In response to the looming threat of sanctions, Iran has announced that it will accelerate its nuclear program

Captured SAS men 'spying on drill torturer'

Captured SAS men ‘spying on drill torturer’

Or how the mainstream media is being used to provide cover for covert operations in Iraq

Iraqi Hopes Dim Through Worst Year of Occupation

According to a survey conducted by US and Iraqi doctors published in the Lancet Medical Journal Oct. 11 this year, 654,965 Iraqis, or 2.5 percent of the entire population of the country, have died as a result of the U.S.-led invasion and occupation

International ecstasy dealer nabbed in Brazil

Virtually unreported in the Western mainstream media, an Israeli citizen has been caught in what is thought to be the world’s biggest ever ecstacy bust

Blair Is A Coward

Written shortly before the invasion of Iraq, John Pilger’s observations are more relevant now than ever

U2’s Bono Awarded Honorary Knighthood

Although ostensibly for his work on behalf of charity, in reality he has probably been made an “honoury knight” in recognition of his services to the Crown.

Rothschilds and the Grail Bloodline

The Rothschilds are the foremost family among the Illuminati, David Livingstone traces some of their history and how they have sought to forge an alliance with supposed descendents of the Grail

Stalin’s Jews

We mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish, writes Sever Plocker. Note too at the foot of the page, the response his article provokes

Holocaust denier ‘shows no remorse’

Historian David Irving has said he would maintain his controversial views on the Holocaust that led to his imprisonment in Austria

America's New Global Strike Weapon

America’s New Global Strike Weapon

The mission: Attack anywhere in the world in less than an hour. But is the Pentagon’s bold program a critical new weapon for hitting elusive targets, or a good way to set off a nuclear war?

A Christmas Present

From the Cultures of Resistance benefit gig December 8, 2006: Liberating the American People, a free ride with Gilad’s quartet on youtube

Long-Rumored Shuffle of Generals Expected

Anticipate three things to come from this. First the removal or retirement of those commanders advocating a quick exit from Iraq, second the promotion of those ready to hunker down for a longer stay and finally the arrival of more US forces in Iraq