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Britons ‘could be microchipped like dogs in a decade’

Drawn up by a team of respected academics, a recent report claims Britain is a world-leader in the use of surveillance technology and its citizens the most spied-upon in the world. It also paints a grim picture of what life may be like there soon

Iran says U.S., Israel ordered September 11 attacks

This story is a few weeks old but it’s received virtually zero exposure outside Iran. An indication of how the West’s mainstream media is now selectively censoring the “news”?

Victor Thorn interviews Boyd E. Graves

Boyd Graves talks about how he discovered the US Government had been working on the development of a biological agent in the 1960’s and 70’s that would completely exhaust the human immune system; leaving it wide open to infection. Just like AIDS

Mystery of Israel’s secret uranium bomb

Robert Fisk reports that scientific evidence is emerging that Israel tested new, uranium based weapons in its assault on southern Lebanon earlier this year

Eustace Mullins: The Neo-Zionist Order

Who rules your rulers and who really calls the shots? A revealing interview with author, researcher and historian Eustace Mullins; where he exposes Zionism, the US Federal Reserve swindle and much more

Part Two: Winning the Ground War

Alastair Crooke and Mark Perry reveal that one Hezbollah brigade – about 3000 men – did the bulk of the fighting in Lebanon recently and although it had reserves, Hezbollah never felt the need to call them up

Part One: Winning the Intelligence War

Far from the lightening military victories of the past, according to one observer, in its latest clash with Hezbollah: “Israel lost the war in the first three days”

Police: Hate crime never happened

A familiar tale

Fmr. Israeli soldier exposes abuse of Palestinians

Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman talks to Yehuda Shaul, a former Israeli soldier, and the co-founder of Breaking the Silence, a group comprised of former Israeli soldiers who are trying to expose human rights abuses by the Israeli military

Fanatical Muslim Women Threaten Little Britain!!

The Great Veil Debate has rapidly become linked with what our bought and sold politicians term ‘fanaticism’ and ‘extremism’. Although, of course, it’s only Muslims who are deemed ‘fanatical and ‘extremist’

Face to face with death in a ‘pacified’ Iraqi town

A few months ago it was a showpiece town where Americans were building schools and fixing the water and electricity supplies. Not anymore. Now the dusty settlement is a deserted ghost town

Taliban handpick their targets

The use of remote-detonated explosives and suicide bombings is spreading in Afghanistan as a resurgent Taliban use tactics and technologies forged in Iraq

Voice of the White House October 26, 2006

More insider tales from Washington’s corridors of power

Afghanistan: The Other Lost War

The Taliban clamped down on poppy growing and deprived the global narcotics industry of a key element in the production of drugs, poppy seeds. This was the real reason why they had to be removed from power and with that done production is back and booming

9/11 only “make-believe,” Iranian government official says

Tehran- An Iranian government official on Friday accused the US of orchestrating the attacks of September 11, 2001, saying New York’s World Trade Center towers were actually blown up by a bomb rather than planes hijacked by terrorists. “What we watched on the TVs regarding the slamming of two planes into the New York Twin […]

Boyd Graves on AIDS

According to Dr. Boyd E. Graves the AIDS virus is the creation of a US Federal virus program from 1962 to 1968. The objective was genocide, the target: Africans, primarily African Americans

Israeli attack on Germany

Israeli warplanes are reported to have fired on German ships off the coast of Lebanon

Now Europe Targets Bloggers As Terrorists

The UK, EU crackdown on “spreading propaganda,” mirrors the U.S. assault on Internet freedom. As British Home Secretary John Reid (left) meets with his E.U. counterparts to make the Internet a “more hostile’ place for terrorists”… And free speech too?

Explosions Before WTC 7 Collapse?

Shortly before World Trade Center 7 collapsed explosions were heard coming from the deserted building. Is this more evidence that the WTC towers collapsed due to a ‘controlled demolition’?

The Power of Israel in the United States Part I

The Israeli Lobby’s influence is broad and deep enough to include officials at the highest levels of government, the business community, academia, the media and the clergy; especially the dominant Christian fundamentalists/Christian Zionists