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Dancing Israelis Interviewed

You’ve no doubt heard of the Israelis who were seen dancing and celebrating as the World Trade Center towers burnt. Well it’s more than an urban myth: as this brief video clip attests

Taliban “tougher than expected”

More so than Iraq and although nobody is saying it, the word “defeat” is now looming for Coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Where's Flight 77?

Where’s Flight 77?

It may have been a gaffe but Donald Rumsfeld is on record of talking about the “missile” that hit the Pentagon

How To Lose Friends And Alienate People Professor Norman Finkelstein is one of a dying breed of American mavericks that relentlessly defies any attempt at easy categorization. He is the son of Holocaust survivors but an unremitting critic of Holocaust reparation claims; a Jew but is a life-long anti Zionist; and though very much a Leftist, he is often praised by […]

There’s No Business Like Shoah Business

The son of concentration camp survivors has accused the ‘Holocaust Industry’, Eli Wiesel and Jewish leaders worldwide of a vast shakedown. In response the so-called ‘Holocaust Industry’ has described its accuser as … “indecent, self-righteous, arrogant and stupid.” And as if that wasn’t enough the accuser himself, Professor Norman Finkelstein, has been angrily denounced as: […]

Are Jewish Intellectuals Beggars?

Or to quote one Jewish supplicant: “A Gentile begs; a Jew asks.”

Voice of the White House September 22, 2006

There are opinion polls and there opinion polls, writes a Beltway insider. But even the laughable “liquid bombs” charade concocted by the Brits couldn’t raise the president’s approval rating more by more than half a percentage point

Are New Vaccines Laced with Birth-Control Drugs?

Population control in the guise of charity for the Third World?

Sources: August terror plot is a ‘fiction’ underscoring police failures

A British Army expert, who was awarded the Queen’s Gallantry Medal for his command of the Belfast Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit in 1974, has cast doubt on ‘liquid explosives’ threat, suggesting that it was part of a “pattern of lies and deceit”

The Marriage of Dynasties

Normally we aren’t interested in social gossip but sometimes we make an exception, particularly if it involves a Rothschild

The ordeal of Mullah Zaeef

There is no shortage of sages who, in relation to Pakistan’s post-Sep 11 capitulation before the US, still ask: what would you have done? They miss the point altogether, writes Ayaz Amir

Bushfraud Diversion

Recent reports that Bush threatened to bomb Pakistan if it didn’t back his “War on Terror” are no more than a diversion. The real story is that the Pakistani President knows that Bin Laden is long dead where he is buried, writes Tom Heneghan.

Police force admits it discriminated against white men

“Positive discrimination”: a prime example of political correctness – a velvet glove covering the mailed fist of 21st century fascism

Excerpts from an Interview With Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Ahmadinejad: Are you asking the questions that are on your mind or questions that are given to you by others?

UN says Israeli overuse of cluster bombs in Lebanon ‘defies belief’

In the last few days of the recent war, Israel fired over one million cluster bombs into southern Lebanon. Leaving large tracts of land littered with explosives and too dangerous cultivate – possibly for many years to come

Israeli army attacks Palestinian Banks and money exchange shops, stealing millions

The Israeli army raids Palestinian banks and moneychangers, claiming that they are providing “terrorist groups” with money, in the process the Israelis help themselves to nearly one million US dollars

Jewish rabbi calls for extermination of all Palestinian males

Hamas and Hezbollah are variously described in the Western Media as “hard-line” and “extremist” but this is the other side of the equation. One that recieves minimal publicity in the West

Alex Jones Terror Storm

Alex Jones latest work running for nearly two hours and described by Kurt Nimmo as the “the DVD of the resistance.” Watch it here

How to Steal an Election – Electronically

Ever wondered how Bush and his criminal cabal got into the White House? Here’s how: a Princeton University study shows how an electronic voting machine – the Diebold Accuvote – can conceal vote fraud from even the most stringent election monitors

Black Op Military Harrasment

A former MI6 agent tells how hidden powers are trying to silence those who might reveal what they know about underground military bases and extra-terrestrials