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Judaists vs. Islamists?

Will the term Judeofascism be accepted in mainstream media the way that Islamofascism is? I somehow doubt it, writes Chris Moore

The Queen’s Death Star

Record levels of Depleted Uranium have been detected in Briton’s atmosphere. But as they say: where there’s muck, there’s money and Dr. Jay Gould reveals that the British Royal family owns investments in uranium holdings worth over $6 billion

Rumsfeld: Flight 93 “Shot Down”

Rumsfeld strays from the official story of heroic passengers flying fight 93 into the ground by inadvertently letting slip that the plane was “shot down”

JFK vs. The Federal Reserve

On June 4, 1963, President Kennedy signed an Executive Order that annulled the Federal Reserve Bank’s power to loan money to the US government with interest. Within months Kennedy was dead and the order has remained dormant ever since

Will Mossad finally hand over its secret files on Diana’s death?

Did Diana know too much about the British Royal Family’s ties to the international drug’s trade?

Russia Selling Iran Missiles to Protect Bushehr Nuclear Reactor — Source

A Russian diplomatic and industry source has said Moscow was talking to Iran about setting up an “air defense umbrella that would protect all strategic sites in Iran”

Voice of the White House September 24, 2006

It’s nice to be proven right, writes a White House insider. I have had my hand a report from the CIA to the NSC stating categorically that bin Laden died in a Pakistani hospital of kidney failure in September of 2003

9/11 Mysteries

A brand new 9/11 Truth documentary about the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center towers

Iran seen borrowing nuclear strategy from Israel

According to Avner Cohen, author of a landmark study entitled “Israel and the Bomb,” there are great similarities between Israel’s nuclear program and Iran’s. Including secrecy, concealment, ambiguity, double talk and denial

Judaism is Madness

Slowly, the world begins to realize the tragic toll of bloodmoney society

Iran Displays Laser Defense System

Recently a remarkably gifted clairvoyant friend said that Iran’s technology is equal to that of any nation. This report seems to confirm that

Ten Questions to the Zionists

Not all Jews support Israel or Zionism. Some have actively campaigned against the Jewish state. One such was Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl (left), who in 1948 tried to expose how the Zionists had actually refused a Nazi offer to free captive European Jews

An Appeal to the Illuminati

Fact is, the Illuminati owe us trillions since we paid interest in real money for their imaginary loans, writes Henry Makow Ph.D. So let’s make a deal. We’ll forgive their debt if they relinquish control of the world’s central banks

Ghost Troop: The Art of Info-War

An Interview With Captain Eric H. May, Founder of Ghost Troop and Kay Lucas, Crawford Peace House CRAWFORD — What began as a unique way to acknowledge and honor the fallen soldiers in the Battle of Baghdad has evolved into an independent military movement aimed at fighting governmental propaganda — a/k/a info-war. Commanded by Captain […]

What happened financially day before 9/11?

Sept. 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced that huge financial irregularities had been uncovered at the Pentagon. To stop the loss of trillions of dollars, Rumsfeld declared war on waste. Which was promptly forgotten in the blur of events the following day

What is Reversed Speech?

An explanation of what Reversed Speech actually is and how a recent example reveals that the Pentagon was hit by a missile not a plane

From Freedom to Fascism

Watch Aaron Russo’s ground breaking documentary in which he details how central Bankers took control of America through fraud

US government apologizes for incident with Venezuelan foreign minister

The United States has now officially apologised for having detained the Venezuelan foreign minister at New York airport

9/11 Truth: Explosive Force & Volcano-Style Pyroclastic Flow

9/11 Truth: The Bogus NIST Report & The Lingering Questions